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Maltose binding protein is the product of ______ gene in E.coli and located in ______


A : a. malE, nucleus

B : b. malD, nucleus

C : c. malE, periplasmic space

D : d. malD, periplasmic space

Thioredexin protein contains two _______ residues.


A : a. cysteine

B : b. cystine

C : c. adenine

D : d. guanine

Often, protein to be expressed is fused with histidine and it is called as histidine tags. For their purification, matrix containing ______ is used.


A : a. calcium ions

B : b. nickel ions

C : c. iron ions

D : d. fluorine ions

Pel B protein is produced in plants and helps in the degradation of ______


A : a. vacuole

B : b. plasma membrane

C : c. cell wall

D : d. mitochondria

His tagged proteins can be eluted using EDTA or a pH gradient from the matrix.


A : a. True

B : b. False

C : c. May be True or False

D : d. Can't Say

Enterokinase is an intestinal enzyme that converts _______ to ________


A : a. pepsinogen, pepsin

B : b. pepsin, pepsinogen

C : c. trypsinogen, trypsin

D : d. trypsin, trypsinogen

Cyanogen bromide is used for cleavage of junctions. It cleaves after ________ residues.


A : a. methionine

B : b. tryptophan

C : c. cysteine

D : d. phenolic acid

Cloning vectors designed for the purpose of synthesis of RNA and proteins are known as ___________


A : a. Cloning vectors

B : b. RNA vectors

C : c. Bacteriophage vectors

D : d. Expression vectors

For studying processes such as splicing and cleavage, RNA is required. Choose the correct statement for this.


A : a. A mixture of different types of RNA is required

B : b. Two types of RNA are required

C : c. A few contaminating proteins are required

D : d. Sodium hydroxide is required

RNA can be synthesized by using vector. A vector with _______ is used and further through ________ RNA is isolated.


A : a. origin of replication, translation

B : b. promoter, transcription

C : c. promoter, translation

D : d. origin of replication, transcription

Isolation of RNA can be carried out easily from bacterial cells.


A : a. True

B : b. False

C : c. May be True or False

D : d. Can't say

Promoters are generally used after isolation from ___________


A : a. bacteriophage T7

B : b. bacteriophage SP6

C : c. baceriophage Mu

D : d. both bacteriophage T7 and SP6

By selecting the appropriate polymerase to activate the promoter ________ can be carried out _______


A : a. transcription, regardless of orientation

B : b. transcription, only in one orientation

C : c. translation, regardless of orientation

D : d. translation, only in one orientation

Guanylyl transferase and GTP are used for?


A : a. Transcription

B : b. Translation

C : c. Capping of the message

D : d. Packaging

Capping can be introduced by the use of cap analogue. Which of the statement is true?


A : a. Cap analogue can be introduced at the end of the transcript

B : b. Cap analogue can be introduced at the start of the transcript

C : c. Cap analogue can be introduced anywhere in the transcript

D : d. Cap analogue can be introduced both at the end and starting of the transcript

If transcription should not be carried out beyond the insert in the vector, then it should be linearized.


A : a. True

B : b. False

C : c. May be True or False

D : d. Can't say

If the cells containing plasmids are infected with helper phage, which type of DNA can be produced, packaged and secreted into the medium?


A : a. Single stranded DNA

B : b. Double stranded DNA

C : c. Both single and double stranded DNA

D : d. Circular DNA

Little quantities of radiolabelled proteins are required for which of the following?


A : a. co or post translational targeting

B : b. modification of proteins

C : c. both co or post translational targeting and modification of proteins

D : d. crystallization for structural studies

__________ quantities of _______ protein are required for determination of properties in biochemical and biological assays.


A : a. Small, non-radiolabelled

B : b. Small, radiolabelled

C : c. Large, radiolablelled

D : d. Large, non-radiolabelled

Small quantities of radiolabelled RNA can be produced by translation in vitro which is done by transcription in vitro.


A : a. True

B : b. False

C : c. May be True or False

D : d. Can't say

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