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UGC NET PAPER 1 June Shift (Pack of 3) - UGC NET PAPER 1 24th June 2019 Evening Shift Online Exam Quiz

Important questions about UGC NET PAPER 1 June Shift (Pack of 3) - UGC NET PAPER 1 24th June 2019 Evening Shift. UGC NET PAPER 1 June Shift (Pack of 3) - UGC NET PAPER 1 24th June 2019 Evening Shift MCQ questions with answers. UGC NET PAPER 1 June Shift (Pack of 3) - UGC NET PAPER 1 24th June 2019 Evening Shift exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

1. When the learning outcomes of students are ensured with the employment of fewer resources and effort on the part of a teacher and more initiative for self-learning is evident, which of the following expression will describe the teacher most appropriately?


A : Teacher is successful

B : Teacher is effective

C : Teacher is intelligent

D : Teacher is practical

2. A hypothesis should be conceptual:


A : convoluted, complex and generic

B : complex, tough and general

C : simple, clear and specific

D : obscure, complicated and simple

3. Peer group interaction in a classroom helps in:


A : Concept understanding

B : Realization of one's misunderstanding

C : Rapport Building

D : Questioning

4. Mailed questionnaire, observation, interview and collective questionnaire are instances of:


A : Secondary sources

B : Personal sources

C : Primary sources

D : Tertiary sources

5. The study of 'why does stressful living result in heart attack'? can be classified as:


A : Descriptive research

B : Explanatory research

C : Correlational research

D : Feasibility research

46. The mangroves exist in:


A : Fresh water system

B : Temperate areas

C : Semi-arid areas

D : Saline waters

47. In which year the modern Indian University got established?


A : 1957

B : 1857

C : 1947

D : 1964

48. Which of the following statements best explains the concept of sustainable development?


A : Use of natural resources minimally.

B : Use of natural resources for our benefit.

C : Use of natural resources judiciously so that they are available for further generations.

D : Preserve our natural resources for our future generation.

49. Chemical oxygen demand in eutrophic water is:


A : Low

B : High

C : Medium

D : Extremely low

50. In which era given below, higher education in India got a set back?


A : British Era

B : Buddhist Era

C : Mughal Era

D : Post-Independence Era

6. Listening is important for a teacher to:


A : address the requirement of the learner.

B : gain knowledge.

C : keep the learner in good humour.

D : evaluate the learner for the progress made.

7. Inclusive education implies:


A : Ensuring learning outcome of every child to be the same.

B : Including the disabled in the main stream

C : Provides compulsory education for children below 14 years

D : Ensuring that no child is left behind in education

8. During the research, while recording observation if an observer rates an individual based on the rating given in another aspect of the interaction, this is termed as the:


A : Evaluation effect

B : Error of central tendency

C : Halo effect

D : Categorical effect

9. The formulation of a research problem can be compared to:


A : Laying the foundation of a building.

B : Building the walls of a home.

C : Polishing the doors of a building.

D : Constructing the ceiling of a house.

10. Reflective Practice implies use of one's:


A : Cognition

B : Metacognition

C : Metacognition on cognition

D : Reinforcement of learning

11. The resource requirements of a business need careful handling at which stage?


A : Fourth

B : First

C : Third

D : Second

12. Venturing into related products and services does not mean that a business will:


A : ignore the original product

B : move the founder to a more managerial role

C : delegate more responsibilities

D : ignore the related products and services

13. The founder of a business does not move to a more managerial role at which stage?


A : Early growth stage

B : Maturity stage

C : Decline stage

D : Start up stage

14. The slowing down of a business can happen if:


A : there is a decline in the market share

B : the level of innovative energy weakens

C : the managerial roles are not clear

D : the level of investment declines

15. When will a business create its place in the market?


A : At maturity

B : At introduction

C : At early growth

D : At late growth

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