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Important questions about UGC NET Management June 2019. UGC NET Management June 2019 MCQ questions with answers. UGC NET Management June 2019 exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

1. A firm’s competitive advantage over its competitor is best described by the:


A : Difference between buyers’ willingness to pay (WTP) and suppliers’ willingness to sell (WT S) is greater than the competitor’s difference between the WTP and WTS

B : The combined valuation of businesses more than the individual sum of businesses

C : Winner businesses win more than the losers lose

D : The superiority of the corporate strategy over its business strategy

2. Which one of the following options is most appropriate:


A : (a), (b), (c) and (d)

B : (b), (c) and (d)

C : (c) and (d)

D : (b) and (d)

3. The term ‘The War for Talent’ was coined by:


A : McKinsey

B : T.V. Rao

C : Udai Pareek

D : Ulrich

4. Which of the following modules is NOT a part of a typical ERP system?


A : The Corporate Management (CM )Module

B : The Asset Management (AM) Module

C : The Human Resource (HR) Module

D : The Project System (PS) Module

5. Cash Flow Analysis is an important financial tool for management. Its chief advantages are:


A : Helps in cash management

B : Helps in external financial management

C : Helps in internal financial managemen

D : Discloses the movements of cash

46. Which one of the following involves selling at a loss to gain access to a market and perhaps to drive competition?


A : Persistent dumping

B : Predatory dumping

C : Reverse dumping

D : Sporadic dumping

47. For a situation where 100 misprints are distributed randomly throughout the 100 pages of a book, the probability that a page selected at random will contain at most one misprint will be


A : 0.724

B : 0 728

C : 0.732

D : 0.736

48. Which one of the follow ing demand forecasting methods is NOT a survey method?


A : Delphi method

B : End use method

C : Graphical method

D : Complete enumeration method

49. As a newly appointed marketing manager of a firm, you have been asked to determine if a special Point-of-Purchase (POP) display causes the purchase of the product on display. What type of research design will be needed?


A : Exploratory

B : Descriptive

C : Experimental

D : Normative

50. When prices are rising, the LIFO produces


A : Highest cost flow and lowest inventory

B : Lowest cost flow and highest inventory

C : Highest cost flow and highest inventory

D : Lowest cost flow and lowest inventory

51. Which of the following approaches was added by Quinn to the Mintzberg’s modes of strategic decision making?


A : Entrepreneurial approach

B : Logical incrementalism approach

C : Adaptive approach

D : Planning approach

52. The technology advancements in the banking sector posed a challenge for the old players in the industry. The public sector banks lagged in modernization because of the traditional and bureaucratic banking norms that were in force. In the face of competition, public sector banks had to hire new talent and keep an open mind about evolving norms as per the market requirements. Which of the following analysis/methods can help banks to identify jobs and duties of employees as well as what kinds of people to hire for different jobs?


A : Job evaluation

B : Work-force Analysis

C : Job Analysis

D : Work-load Analysis

53. According to BCG matrix, for which one of the following positions of SBU the firm should decide to curtail losses by divesting?


A : Star

B : Question mark

C : Cash cow

D : Dog

54. The following statements relate to organizational culture: Statement I: Culture is the cumulative preference of some states of life and some organized ways of dealing with basic concerns by members of society. Statement II: There are various ways of making employees aware of the organization ’s culture. These include stories, language, rituals, organizational structure, and physical layout and rules and policies. Which of the following options is correct?


A : Statement I is correct, but II is incorrect

B : Statement II is correct, but I is incorrect

C : Both the statements I and II are correct

D : Both the statements I and II are incorrect

55. Statement I: All ideas are opportunities. Statement II: An opportunity is an idea that has the qualities of being attractive, durable and timely. Which of the following options is correct?


A : Both the statements are correct

B : Both the statements are incorrect

C : Statement I is correct while statement II is incorrect

D : Statement I is incorrect while statement II is correct

56. A company’s share is currently selling for Rs.50 and is expecting a dividend of Rs.3 per share after one year which is expected to grow at 8% indefinitely. What is the equity capitalization rate?


A : 9 per cent

B : 17 per cent

C : 14 per cent

D : 24 per cent

57. In which Amendment of the Constitution, the Government of India made a pioneering attempt to provide for ‘workers’ participation in management in the industry’, by suitable legislation in the Directive Principles of State Policy?


A : The Constitution (42 Amendment Act), 1976

B : The Constitution (41 Amendment Act), 1975

C : The Constitution (46 Amendment Act), 1977

D : The Constitution (40 Amendment Act), 1972

58. Two friends are on WhatsApp discussing a holiday plan. Immediately, Uber pops up within WhatsApp to help book a ride and provide an estimate. This is known as:


A : Contextual digital marketing

B : Direct mail marketing

C : Mail order marketing

D : Telemarketing

59. In most of the cases ‘cessation of work’, refusal to continue to work or refusal to accept employment is called strike. Which of the following does NOT come under the form of strike?


A : Sit-down strike

B : Hunger strike

C : Gherao

D : Work-to-rule

60. Which out of the following is NOT true about consumer satisfaction?


A : Consumer satisfaction is a post-consumption phenomenon

B : Consumer satisfaction is a mild, positive emotional state resulting from a favourable appraisal of a consumption outcome

C : Consumer satisfaction results from a cognitive appraisal

D : Consumer satisfaction is not different from consumer loyalty. Both are the same concepts

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