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3. Exception handling is targeted at


A : Compile time error

B : Logical error

C : Run time error

D : All of the above

7. How do you put a message in the browser's status bar ?


A : status("put your message here")

B : window.status = "put your message here"

C : statusbar = "put your message here"

D : window.status("put your message here")

3. Which of the following is NOT true about enterprise systems?


A : The software is expressly built to allow companies to mimic their unique business practices

B : The software includes analytical tools to evaluate overall organization performance

C : They help firms respond rapidly to customer requests for info or products

D : The data have standardized definitions and formats that are accepted by the entire organization

4. How many steps are in the system development life cycle?


A : 3

B : 4

C : 5

D : 6

5. Examples of networking in business.


A : Online/social media networks

B : Community service clubs

C : Strong contact networks

D : All of the above

6. A low trough is indicative of


A : the start of a depression

B : the end of a recession

C : a serious depression

D : a growing recession

7. A trough in the business cycle occurs when


A : economy is transitioning from a period of decline to a period of expansion

B : economy is transitioning from a period of expansion to a period of contraction

C : economy is transitioning from a period of expansion to a period of decline

D : None of the above

1. The correct statement for a function that takes pointer to a float, a pointer to a pointer to a char and returns a pointer to a pointer to a integer is


A : int **fun(float**, char**)

B : int *fun(float*, char*)

C : int ***fun(float*, char**)

D : int ***fun(*float, **char)

2. How do define the user-defined exceptions?


A : inheriting and overriding exception class functionality.

B : overriding class functioality.

C : inheriting class functionality

D : none of the mentioned

3. How to handle error in the destructor?


A : throwing

B : terminate

C : both a & b

D : none of the mentioned

4. A data warehouse is composed of


A : current data

B : internal and external data sources

C : historical data from legacy systems

D : historical & current data

3. Which king class properly represents the relationship "King has a best friend who is a Soldier"?


A : class King extends Soldier { }

B : class King implements Soldier { }

C : class King { private BestFriend Soldier; }

D : class King { private Soldier bestFriend; }

4. How many of the following will follow JavaBean Listener naming rules? addListener addMouseListener deleteMouseListener removeMouseListener registerMouseListener


A : 1

B : 2

C : 3

D : 4

5. Keeping the actoins and attributes together under a single unit is called


A : Encapsulation

B : Information Hiding

C : Polymorphism

D : Inheritance

6. By whom will the unallocated memory that is no longer needed will be cleared in java?


A : Java Virtual Machine

B : Garebage collector

C : Both A and B

D : None

8. An algorithm written once which can be used in many places is called


A : Block

B : Function

C : Datatype

D : None

9. Client code having direct access to internal data is called


A : Encapsulation

B : DataHiding

C : Polymorphism

D : DataAbstraction

10. There is one default constructor in every class.


A : The above statement is true

B : The above statement is false

C : Both true and false

D : None

1. Which of the following is not the other name of attriibute?


A : Data member

B : Instance variable

C : instance

D : Data filed

2. In a single virtual machine, the Java programming language passes arguments by


A : Refference

B : Value

C : Both A and B

D : None

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