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Important questions about Tally - Tally Set - 3. Tally - Tally Set - 3 MCQ questions with answers. Tally - Tally Set - 3 exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

Which account is the odd one


A : Furniture

B : Land and buildings

C : Stock of raw materials

D : Stock of raw materials

Which of the following is the example of external users of accounting information


A : Government

B : Owners

C : Management

D : Government

A ______ is sent to a customer when he returns the goods


A : Debit note

B : Credit note

C : Proforma invoice

D : Credit note

A ______ is sent to the seller when he is taken back the sold goods


A : Debit note

B : Credit note

C : Proforma invoice

D : Debit note

Which of the following is not a transaction


A : Goods are purchased on cash basis for Rs 1000

B : Salaries paid for the month of May 20XX

C : Land is purchased for Rs 10 lakhs

D : An employee is dismissed from the job

Bank account is ________


A : Personal account

B : Real account

C : Nominal account

D : Personal account

Income earned but not received is known as ________


A : Advance income

B : Proposed income

C : Earned income

D : Accrued income

_____ refers the amount invested by the owner into business


A : Loan

B : Advance

C : Capital

D : Capital

_______ is the major source of revenue of any business


A : Investment

B : Advances

C : Loan

D : Sales

Assets acquired for long term use in the business are called ________


A : Fixed assets

B : Current assets

C : Fictitious assets

D : Fixed assets

A person who owes money to the business is a ________


A : Debtor

B : Creditor

C : Investor

D : Debtor

Accrued income comes under


A : Current liability

B : Capital

C : Current asset

D : Current asset

Taxes paid come under which group


A : Capital

B : Loans and liabilities

C : Direct expenses

D : Duties and taxes

Accounting principles are divided into two types. These are


A : Accounting concepts

B : Accounting conventions

C : Accounting standard

D : Both A and B

The term current assets does not include ________


A : Debtors

B : Bills Receivable

C : Stock

D : Goodwill

There are ________ predefined ledgers


A : One

B : Three

C : Two

D : Two

Closing stock come under ________


A : Current asset

B : Fixed asset

C : Stock in hand

D : Stock in hand

E-mail can be used to


A : Send mail directly from tally screen

B : To send e-mail

C : Download information

D : Send mail directly from tally screen

In tally screen right extreme displays ________


A : Selected companies

B : Current date

C : Gate way of tally

D : Button bar

Capital of the company is included under


A : Capital account

B : Fixed liabilities

C : Loans and advances

D : Capital account

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