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Important questions about Strain Energy and Resilience. Strain Energy and Resilience MCQ questions with answers. Strain Energy and Resilience exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

What is the strain energy stored in a body due to gradually applied load?


A : a. ?E/V

B : b. ?E²/V

C : c. ?V²/E

D : d. ?V²/2E

Strain energy stored in a body to uniform stress s of volume V and modulus of elasticity E is __________


A : a. s²V/2E

B : b. sV/E

C : c. sV²/E

D : d. sV/2E

In a material of pure shear stress ?the strain energy stored per unit volume in the elastic, homogeneous isotropic material having elastic constants E and v will be:


A : a. ?²/E x (1+ v)

B : b. ?²/E x (1+ v)

C : c. ?²/2E x (1+ v)

D : d. ?²/E x (2+ v)

PL³/3EI is the deflection under the load P of a cantilever beam. What will be the strain energy?


A : a. P²L³/3EI

B : b. P²L³/6EI

C : c. P²L³/4EI

D : d. P²L³/24EI

A rectangular block of size 400mm x 50mm x 50mm is subjected to a shear stress of 500kg/cm². If the modulus of rigidity of the material is 1×10? kg/cm², the strain energy will be __________


A : a. 125 kg-cm

B : b. 1000 kg-cm

C : c. 500 kg-cm

D : d. 100 kg-cm

A material of youngs modulus and Poissons ratio of unity is subjected to two principal stresses ?? and ?? at a point in two dimensional stress system. The strain energy per unit volume of the material is __________


A : a. (??² + ??² – 2???? ) / 2E

B : b. (??² + ??² + 2???? ) / 2E

C : c. (??² - ??² – 2???? ) / 2E

D : d. (??² - ??² + 2????) / 2E

If forces P, P and P of a system are such that the force polygon does not close, then the system will __________


A : a. Be in equilibrium

B : b. Reduce to a resultant force

C : c. Reduce to a couple

D : d. Not be in equilibrium

The strain energy in a member is proportional to __________


A : a. Product of stress and the strain

B : b. Total strain multiplied by the volume of the member

C : c. The maximum strain multiplied by the length of the member

D : d. Product of strain and Young’s modulus of the material

A bar of cross-section A and length L is subjected to an axial load W. the strain energy stored in the bar would be __________


A : a. WL / AE

B : b. W²L / 4AE

C : c. W²L / 2AE

D : d. WL / 4AE

A tensile load of 60kN is gradually applied to a circular bar of 4cm diameter and 5m long. What is the stretch in the rod if E = 2×10? N/mm²?


A : a. 1.1mm

B : b. 1.24mm

C : c. 2mm

D : d. 1.19mm

A tensile load of 50kN is gradually applied to a circular bar of 5cm diameter and 5m long. What is the strain energy absorbed by the rod (E = 200GPa)?


A : a. 14 N-m

B : b. 15.9 N-mm

C : c. 15.9 N-m

D : d. 14 N-mm

The ability of a material to absorb energy when elastically deformed and to return it when unloaded is called __________


A : a. Elasticity

B : b. Resilience

C : c. Plasticity

D : d. Strain resistance

The strain energy stored in a specimen when stained within the elastic limit is known as __________


A : a. Resilience

B : b. Plasticity

C : c. Malleability

D : d. Stain energy

The maximum strain energy stored at elastic limit is __________


A : a. Resilience

B : b. Proof resilience

C : c. Elasticity

D : d. Malleability

The mathematical expression for resilience ‘U’ is __________


A : a. U = ?²/E x volume

B : b. U = ?²/3E x volume

C : c. U = ?²/2E x volume

D : d. U = ?/2E x volume

What is the modulus of resilience?


A : a. The ratio of resilience to volume

B : b. The ratio of proof resilience to the modulus of elasticity

C : c. The ratio of proof resilience to the strain energy

D : d. The ratio of proof resilience to volume

The property by which an amount of energy is absorbed by material without plastic deformation is called __________


A : a. Toughness

B : b. Impact strength

C : c. Ductility

D : d. Resilience

Resilience of a material plays important role in which of the following?


A : a. Thermal stress

B : b. Shock loading

C : c. Fatigue

D : d. Pure static loading

A steel has its yield strength of 200N/mm² and modulus of elasticity of 1x10?MPa. Assuming the material to obey hookes law up to yielding, what will be its proof resilience?


A : a. 0.8 N/mm²

B : b. 0.4 N/mm²

C : c. 0.2 N/mm²

D : d. 0.6 N/mm²

A 1m long bar of uniform section extends 1mm under limiting axial stress of 200N/mm². What is the modulus of resilience for the bar?


A : a. 0.1 units

B : b. 1 units

C : c. 10units

D : d. 100units

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