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Important questions about Social Issues and Environment. Social Issues and Environment MCQ questions with answers. Social Issues and Environment exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

What is called for the collection of rainwater for use?


A : a. Rain collection

B : b. Rainwater harvesting

C : c. Rain digging

D : d. Rain water pumping

What is the name of the process to clean water using filters?


A : a. Sublimation

B : b. Oxidation

C : c. Rainwater harvesting

D : d. Purification

What is called for the method of removing dust and other particles from water using filters?


A : a. Filtration

B : b. Sublimation

C : c. Rainwater harvesting

D : d. Evaporation

Which one of the following is the best way to conserve water?


A : a. Taking shower with less water

B : b. Taking shower with more water

C : c. Not taking shower

D : d. Using other liquids instead of water for shower

What is the gallon to use in new toilets according to Federal plumbing standards?


A : a. 1.6

B : b. 2.5

C : c. 3.9

D : d. 4.3

We only use water for drinking.


A : a. True

B : b. False

C : c. May be True or False

D : d. Can't say

How many methods of rainwater harvesting are there?


A : a. One

B : b. Two

C : c. Three

D : d. Four

How can we increase the water efficient irrigation system?


A : a. By pouring unnecessary water to the land

B : b. By not supplying adequate water

C : c. By applying drip irrigation method

D : d. By using more manures

What are the two main types of drip irrigation?


A : a. Surface and Subsurface drip irrigation

B : b. Under and Subsurface drip irrigation

C : c. Top and Surface drip irrigation

D : d. Top and Under drip irrigation

Why should people implement rainwater harvesting?


A : a. In order to play with the water

B : b. In order to use during scarcity of water

C : c. In order to pour the rain water directly to the sewage

D : d. In order to time pass

Which one of the following is the benefit of rainwater harvesting?


A : a. Flood mitigation

B : b. Provide a lot of water to play

C : c. Create good aesthetic view

D : d. Decrease the ground water level

Which one of the following is an effective way of conserving water?


A : a. Increase food waste

B : b. Eat less meat

C : c. Always turn on the taps

D : d. Boil the water when there is no need

What is called for an area surrounding a body of water in which that body of water is subject to?


A : a. Rainwater harvesting

B : b. Watershed

C : c. Water pumping

D : d. Water cycle

Rainwater harvesting increases the groundwater levels.


A : a. True

B : b. False

C : c. May be True or False

D : d. Can't say

Environmental ethics belongs to which part?


A : a. Environmental science

B : b. Environmental chemistry

C : c. Environmental philosophy

D : d. Environmental studies

On what Marshall’s category of conservation ethics valid?


A : a. Usefulness to all organisms

B : b. Usefulness to humans

C : c. Usefulness to the ecosystem

D : d. Non usefulness to humans

According to anthropocentrism who are more important?


A : a. Fishes

B : b. Lizards

C : c. Humans

D : d. Lions

Who distinguished between two types of anthropocentrism?


A : a. Aristotle

B : b. Michael Smith

C : c. Chris Lynn

D : d. Peter Vardy

Who coined the term “Environmental Pragmatism”?


A : a. Smith harry

B : b. Henry willsion

C : c. David Walker

D : d. Bryan Norton

Environmental ethics exerts influence on a large range of disciplines.


A : a. True

B : b. False

C : c. May be True or False

D : d. Can't say

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