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Important questions about Slope and Deflection. Slope and Deflection MCQ questions with answers. Slope and Deflection exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

The maximum deflection in cantilever beam of span “l”m and loading at free end is “W” kN.


A : a. Wl³/2EI

B : b. Wl³/3EI

C : c. Wl³/4EI

D : d. Wl²/2EI

A simply supported beam of span as shown in the figure is subjected to a concentrated load w at its metre span and also to a uniformly distributed load equality w what is the total diffraction it its midpoint.


A : a. 18 Wl³ /384 EI

B : b. 13 Wl³/ 384 EI

C : c. 5 Wl³/ 384 EI

D : d. 18 Wl³/ 384 EI

Slope in the beam at any point is measured in ____________


A : a. Degrees

B : b. Minutes

C : c. Radians

D : d. Metric tonnes

Elastic curve is also known as __________


A : a. Refraction curve

B : b. Reflection curve

C : c. Deflection curve

D : d. Random curve

Which of the following method is not used for determining slope and deflection at a point?


A : a. Moment area method

B : b. Double integration method

C : c. Isoheytal method

D : d. Macaulay’s method

The slope is denoted by _______


A : a. k

B : b. y

C : c. i

D : d. c

Calculate the slope at supports, if the area is 180kNm². Take flexural rigidity as 50000.


A : a. 0.0054 radians

B : b. 0.0072 radians

C : c. 0.0036 radians

D : d. 0.108 radians

In cantilever beams, the slope is _____________ at fixed end.


A : a. Maximum

B : b. Zero

C : c. Minimum

D : d. Uniform

Slope is maximum at _______ in simply supported beams.


A : a. Mid span

B : b. Through out

C : c. Supports

D : d. At point of loading

Mohr’s theorem- 1 states ________


A : a. E/AI

B : b. I/EA

C : c. A/EI

D : d. A=EI

Using Mohr’s theorem, calculate the maximum slope of a cantilever beam if the bending moment area diagram is 90kNm². Take EI = 4000 kNm².


A : a. 0.0225 radians

B : b. 0 0367 radians

C : c. 0.0455 radians

D : d. 0.066 radians

Contour canals are also called as ______


A : a. Single bank canal

B : b. Ridge canal

C : c. Side slope canal

D : d. Watershed canal

______________ provides employment to the cultivators at the time of famine.


A : a. Productive canal

B : b. Link canal

C : c. Protective canal

D : d. Inundation canal

______________ bricks are used in the lining of blast furnaces.


A : a. Magnesia

B : b. Dolomite

C : c. Bauxite

D : d. Fly ash

_____________ bricks are resistant to corrosion.


A : a. silica bricks

B : b. magnesia bricks

C : c. bauxite bricks

D : d. fire bricks

_____________ bricks are used in the lining of electric furnace.


A : a. Frosterite

B : b. Spinel

C : c. Chrome

D : d. Basic

The finished product after burning magnesite is named as ___________


A : a. Perillax

B : b. Hellyx

C : c. Pyrolytaex

D : d. Syrilax

Units of deflection are _________


A : a. kNm

B : b. kN/m

C : c. kN

D : d. m

Which of the following method is used to determine the slope and deflection at a point?


A : a. Arithmetic increase method

B : b. Mathematical curve setting

C : c. Macaulay’s method

D : d. Lacey’s method

Deflection is denoted by _______


A : a. i

B : b. y

C : c. h

D : d. e

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