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Shear Force and Bending Moment Online Exam Quiz

Important questions about Shear Force and Bending Moment. Shear Force and Bending Moment MCQ questions with answers. Shear Force and Bending Moment exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

The diagram depicts _______ kind of beam.


A : a. Cantilever

B : b. Continuous

C : c. Over hanging

D : d. Propped cantilever

Given below diagram is ______ load.


A : a. Uniformly distributed load

B : b. Uniformly varying load

C : c. Uniformly decess load

D : d. Point load

Determine the moment at fixed end.


A : a. 40 kNm

B : b. 50 kNm

C : c. 60 kNm

D : d. 80 kNm

Shear force of following diagram:


A : a. Rectangle

B : b. Square

C : c. Circle

D : d. Trapezoidal

Name the support from following figure.


A : a. Hinge support

B : b. Fixed support

C : c. Free support

D : d. Roller support

Find the reaction at simple support A?


A : a. 6.5 kN

B : b. 9 kN

C : c. 10 kN

D : d. 7.5 kN

Determine the maximum bending moment for the below figure.


A : a. wl/2

B : b. wl/3

C : c. wl/4

D : d. wl

What will be the variation in BMD for the diagram? [Assume l = 2m].


A : a. Rectangular

B : b. Trapezoidal

C : c. Triangular

D : d. Square

What is the SF at support B?


A : a. 5 kN

B : b. 3 kN

C : c. 2 kN

D : d. 0 kN

Where do the maximum BM occurs for the below diagram.


A : a. -54 kNm

B : b. -92 kNm

C : c. -105 kNm

D : d. – 65 kNm

_______ is a horizontal structural member subjected to transverse loads perpendicular to its axis.


A : a. Strut

B : b. Column

C : c. Beam

D : d. Truss

Example for cantilever beam is ______


A : a. Portico slabs

B : b. Roof slab

C : c. Bridges

D : d. Railway sleepers

Fixed beam is also known as __________


A : a. Encastered beam

B : b. Built on beam

C : c. Rigid beam

D : d. Tye beam

U.D.L stands for?


A : a. Uniformly diluted length

B : b. Uniformly developed loads

C : c. Uniaxial distributed load

D : d. Uniformly distributed loads

Moving train is an example of ____ load.


A : a. Point load

B : b. Cantered load

C : c. Rolling load

D : d. Uniformly varying load

Continuous beams are _________


A : a. Statically determinate beams

B : b. Statically indeterminate beams

C : c. Statically gravity beams

D : d. Framed beams

A beam which extends beyond it supports can be termed as __________


A : a. Over hang beam

B : b. Over span beam

C : c. Isolated beams

D : d. Tee beams

Units of U.D.L?


A : a. KN/m

B : b. KN-m

C : c. KN-m×m

D : d. KN

Shear force is unbalanced _____ to the left or right of the section.


A : a. Horizontal force

B : b. Vertical force

C : c. Inclined force

D : d. Conditional force

SI units of shear force is _______________


A : a. kN/m

B : b. kN-m

C : c. kN

D : d. m/N

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