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If the standard deviation of the population is 35 and the sample size is 9 then the standard deviation of sampling distribution is


A : a. 12.67

B : b. 11.67

C : c. 13.67

D : d. 14.67

In the systematic sampling, the value of k is classified as


A : a. sampling interval

B : b. sub stage interval

C : c. secondary stage interval

D : d. multistage interval

The type of stratified proportion sampling in which the information is gathered on convenience basis from different groups of population is classified as


A : a. purposive sampling

B : b. judgment sampling

C : c. quota sampling

D : d. convenience sampling

The parameters of population are denoted by the


A : a. roman letters

B : b. lower case Greek letter

C : c. upper case Greek letter

D : d. associated roman alphabets

The mistakes or biases which are considered as causes of non-sampling errors must includes


A : a. incorrect enumeration of population

B : b. non random sample selection

C : c. incomplete questionnaire

D : d. all of above

Regardless to difference in distribution of sample and population, the mean of sampling distribution must be equal to


A : a. degree of freedom

B : b. statistic error

C : c. population mean

D : d. standard error

The cluster sampling, stratified sampling and systematic sampling are types of


A : a. direct sampling

B : b. indirect sampling

C : c. random sampling

D : d. non random sampling

The bias occurred in collection of sample because of confusing questions in the questionnaire is classified as


A : a. non-responsive bias

B : b. non distribution bias

C : c. non wording bias

D : d. wording bias

The bias in which few respondents responds to offered questionnaire is classified as


A : a. responsive bias

B : b. non-responsive bias

C : c. distributed error

D : d. concerning error

The principle which states that larger the sample size larger the accuracy and stability is part of


A : a. principle of sampling error

B : b. principle of inertia

C : c. principle of statistical regularity

D : d. principle of statistical irregularity

The unknown or exact value that represents the whole population is classified as


A : a. parameters

B : b. estimators

C : c. absolute statistics

D : d. coverage estimator

The listing of elements in the population with the identifiable number is classified as


A : a. regularity experimental frame

B : b. indirect experiment frame

C : c. direct experimental frame

D : d. frame for experiment

In statistical analysis, the sample size is considered large if


A : a. n > or = 30

B : b. n < or = 30

C : c. n > or = 50

D : d. n < or = 50

If the standard deviation of the population is known then the ? must be equal to


A : a. absolute value of estimator

B : b. error free mean

C : c. expected value of mean

D : d. inferential value of mean

The methods in statistics that uses sample statistics to estimate the parameters of the population are considered as


A : a. inferential statistics

B : b. absolute statistics

C : c. coverage statistics

D : d. random sample statistics

In systematic sampling, the population is 200 and the selected sample size is 50 then the sampling interval is


A : a. 250

B : b. 0.25

C : c. 4

D : d. 40

In cluster sampling, the elements of selected clusters are classified as


A : a. elementary units

B : b. primary units

C : c. secondary units

D : d. proportional units

The method of sampling in which the population is divided in to mutual exclusive groups that have useful context in statistical research is classified as


A : a. stratified sampling

B : b. regular group sampling

C : c. irregular group sampling

D : d. direct group sampling

If the mean of population is 25 then the mean of sampling distribution is


A : a. 25

B : b. 5

C : c. 30

D : d. 35

If the population parameter ? and the unbiased estimate of population is x? then the sampling error is as


A : a. |p? - ?|

B : b. |x? - ?|

C : c. |x? + ?|

D : d. |x? * ?|

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