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In anthropology the study of whole human condition past, present and future biology, society, language and culture are called


A : a. Belief

B : b. Rituals

C : c. Holistic

D : d. Culture

Children are growing up in a particular society, through a process in anthropology it's called


A : a. Enculturation

B : b. Adult

C : c. Feeding

D : d. Learning

In anthropology humans adapt and change both biologically and culturally are called


A : a. Adaptation

B : b. Culture

C : c. Acculturation

D : d. Enculture

In the organized society the life of a human, animals, including baboons, wolves, and even ants all have tradition and they have a beliefs and behavior systems are called


A : a. Perception

B : b. Civilization

C : c. Culture

D : d. Belief

The study of human species and it's immediate ancestors are called


A : a. Anthropology

B : b. Archaeology

C : c. Sociology

D : d. None of the above

According to anthropologists a sexual relations with someone considered to be a close relatives all culture have taboos against it is called


A : a. Incest

B : b. Father-daughter

C : c. Mother-son

D : d. All of the above

In kinship anthropology the children of a brother and a sister are cross cousins are called as


A : a. Cross cousins

B : b. Parallel cousins

C : c. Patrimoiety cousins

D : d. Paradoxicality

A basic features of language, the ability to speak of things and events that are not present is called


A : a. Distribution

B : b. Mixture

C : c. Migration

D : d. Displacement

Anthropologists have been concerned with two main questions the one is how are production, distribution, and consumption organized in different societies? The other is what motivates people in different cultures to produce, distribute or exchange consume this type of behavior is called


A : a. Economic Anthropology

B : b. Cultural anthropology

C : c. Agriculture anthropology

D : d. Applied anthropology

In agricultural anthropology like land, labor and tools are called


A : a. Agriculture

B : b. Economy

C : c. Production

D : d. None of the above

Anthropologists said that the idea that individuals choose to maximize profit was a basic assumption of the classical economy in which century?


A : a. 15 century

B : b. 19 century

C : c. 21 century

D : d. 18 century

Anthropologists said that the field of investigation relationship between social context is called


A : a. Ethnography

B : b. Sociolinguistics

C : c. Communication

D : d. Language

In anthropology there are three type of economic principles which are market principle, redistribution, and reciprocity which was defined by


A : a. Karl Marx

B : b. Karl Polyanyi

C : c. Kroeber

D : d. Margaret Mead

According to anthropology the studies such classification systems in various languages is called


A : a. Ethno semantic

B : b. Ethnography

C : c. Ethnoscience

D : d. Ethnographer

According to anthropologists they believe that different languages produce different ways of thinking this position is sometimes known as


A : a. Hypo culture

B : b. Hypothesis

C : c. Sapir-Whorf hypothesis

D : d. All of the above

Anthropologists said that a languages developing out of the same parent language for example french and German are called


A : a. Sister language

B : b. Daughter language

C : c. Language

D : d. Brother language

The peasants must paying rent to landlords, peasants must satisfy government obligations, paying them money in the form of


A : a. Receprocity

B : b. Taxes

C : c. Production

D : d. Redistribution

The subdivisions of linguistics that studies languages over time is called


A : a. Primitive linguistics

B : b. Historical linguistics

C : c. Socio linguistics

D : d. None of the above

A system of production distribution and consumption of resources is called


A : a. Distribution

B : b. Economy

C : c. Production

D : d. All of the above

Economists tend to assume that producers and distributors make decisions rationally using the profit motive, as do consumers when they stop around for the best value is called


A : a. Prestige

B : b. Productivity

C : c. Production

D : d. Economizing

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