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In the personal selling process, the step which consists of identifying potential customers is classified as


A : a. presenting quota

B : b. demonstrating quota

C : c. prospecting

D : d. qualifying

According to promotional mix, the method which focuses on building relationships with individual customers to maintain lasting relationship is called


A : a. sales promotion

B : b. offline promotion

C : c. direct channeling

D : d. direct marketing

A descriptive thought about something held by a person is classified as


A : a. learning

B : b. attitudes

C : c. beliefs

D : d. perception

The Jeep can associated with brand personality trait known as


A : a. ruggedness

B : b. competence

C : c. sophistication

D : d. excitement

The kind of information consumer obtains from advertising campaigns and sales people is classified as


A : a. personal sources

B : b. commercial sources

C : c. experiential sources

D : d. all of above

According to SWOT analysis, the analysis of Opportunities & Threats is part of


A : a. Internal environment

B : b. External environment

C : c. Both a and b

D : d. None of the above

The sales promotion tools used to stimulate purchase, motivate salespeople and generate business leads are classified in category of


A : a. event promotion

B : b. off deal promotion

C : c. trade promotions

D : d. business promotions

According to 'Maslow's hierarchy of needs', the need for self-development and realization is included in


A : a. physiological needs

B : b. social needs

C : c. self-actualization needs

D : d. esteem needs

The type of discount made to those buyers who use to buy the products or services that are out of season is classified as


A : a. cash discount

B : b. seasonal discount

C : c. functional discount

D : d. quantity discount

The consumer promotion technique through which brand marketing event is created by company or it participates in other sponsored event is classified as


A : a. event marketing

B : b. sponsored marketing

C : c. branding

D : d. premium marketing

The person self-image also called as its


A : a. lifestyle

B : b. personality

C : c. social class

D : d. self-concept

The promotional mix strategy in which advertisement and promotions are made to final customers to induce them to buy products is classified as


A : a. pull strategy

B : b. moral selling strategy

C : c. rational selling strategy

D : d. push strategy

The factors that can affect purchase decision and attention are


A : a. attitude of others

B : b. unexpected situational factors

C : c. expected situational factors

D : d. Both a and b

The consumer promotion technique according to which seller sells two or three units of product at reduced price is classified as


A : a. price packs

B : b. cents off deals

C : c. advertising specialties

D : d. Both a and b

The detailed description of products, target market, competitors and customer value proposition is classified as


A : a. write-up

B : b. write-down

C : c. follow-up

D : d. none of above

The distinct psychological characteristics that play key role in distinguishing one person from another is called


A : a. lifestyle

B : b. personality

C : c. social class

D : d. None of the above

The standard amount that must be sold by salesperson of the company's total product is classified as


A : a. sales contest

B : b. expense quota

C : c. production quota

D : d. sales quota

The group of customers who follows a majority of people before buying innovative products is called


A : a. late majority

B : b. early majority

C : c. laggard

D : d. early adopter

The type of communication channel that send message without personal feedback or contact is classified as


A : a. personal communication channels

B : b. irrational communication channels

C : c. non-emotional communication channels

D : d. non-personal communication channels

The personal selling process step according to which sales person dictates how company can solve problem by offering its product is classified as


A : a. inbound approaching

B : b. presentation

C : c. demonstration

D : d. nominal approaching

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