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Important questions about Post Cold War Era. Post Cold War Era MCQ questions with answers. Post Cold War Era exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

A Province of Serbia is


A : a. Kosovo

B : b. Sevojno

C : c. Bosnia

D : d. Yugoslavia

How many dozens of nuclear bomb North Korea produced in 2003?


A : a. One dozen

B : b. two dozen

C : c. half dozen

D : d. 10 dozens

When North Korea restated producing nuclear bomb?


A : a. 2000

B : b. 2003

C : c. 2004

D : d. 2006

The United states mobilized a relation with major countries to counter


A : a. Russia

B : b. France

C : c. Iran

D : d. Iraq

Iraq was overpowered by


A : a. US military force


C : c. US weapons

D : d. US nuclear weapon

How many Ballistic states are a nonmember of CIS?


A : a. 2

B : b. 3

C : c. 4

D : d. 5

Which country gave a deadline to Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait?


A : a. United States

B : b. China

C : c. Middle East

D : d. Europe

For how long Iraq was overpowered by US military?


A : a. two weeks

B : b. three weeks

C : c. six weeks

D : d. one month

The post cold war era started with a


A : a. Bang

B : b. Collapse

C : c. History

D : d. Conflict

In which year Rwanda's millions of civilians were ignored by the international community?


A : a. 1999

B : b. 1993

C : c. 1994

D : d. 1996

When the new rifts opened between China, Europe and United States?


A : a. 1965

B : b. 1972

C : c. 1993

D : d. 2001

Who was involved in the attacked on WTO?


A : a. ASG

B : b. Al- Qaeda

C : c. FTO

D : d. TTP

The new rifts opened between


A : a. United States

B : b. Europe

C : c. China

D : d. All of above

The Ethnic Serbs who were minorities in Croatia and Bosnia were seized territory to form


A : a. Republics

B : b. States

C : c. Greater Serbia

D : d. None of above

The Post Cold War era was more peaceful then


A : a. WW I

B : b. WW II

C : c. Cold War

D : d. Post Cold War

The estimated death of Iraqi's caused the war was more than


A : a. 100000

B : b. 200000

C : c. 500000

D : d. 600000

When Rwanda conflicts spilled into neighboring Zaire?


A : a. 1997

B : b. 1998

C : c. 1996

D : d. 1999

When Russia and United States agreed on major reductions in their nuclear weapons?


A : a. 1977

B : b. 1990

C : c. 1986

D : d. 1988

World greatest power increases their cooperation after


A : a. Proxy war

B : b. Cold war

C : c. Post Cold war

D : d. World war

Russia and United States agreed on major reduction on their


A : a. Tax

B : b. Population

C : c. Nuclear weapons

D : d. wealth

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