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6. Projects come in all sizes and shapes. Many times, project managers must daw from their "toolbox" of processes, tools, or methodologies. How many knowledge areas are described in the Project Management Body of Knowledge ?


A : 2 - core processes and facilitating processes

B : 9

C : 5 - initiation, planning,execution,control, and closing

D : 39

7. The difference between the core process and facilitating processes is


A : Core process take more time and resources

B : Core processes are performed in the same sequence and facilitating processes are intermittent

C : Facilitating processes often require micromanagement in order to be completed on time

D : Core Processes are not performed in the same sequence and facilitating processes are

8. The triple constraints of Project Management are frequently discussed in other contextx such as marketing classes and a variety of other subjects. The interaction between _____, ______, and _______can be seen as a triangle, with the three sides impacting the others.


A : quality, resources, time

B : money, resources, quality

C : scope, quality, planning

D : time, scope, cost

9. Whenever people are looking for a job, they frequently see "program manager wanted" and "project manager wanted" when reading the job listings in their local newspaper. Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between projects and programs?


A : There are no differences between the two;they are just different terms for the same thing

B : A project is composed of one or more related programs.

C : A program is composed of one or more related projects.

D : A project is a temporary endeavor, where as a program is permanent

10. You have recently been promoted to a project manager for a clinical testing facility. The team is developing a new product that will cut down on testing interval requirements for a new seizure management medication. After you become involved with the project, you decide to add more research reports, which the customer did not request. This is an example of


A : Good customer service scope

B : Scope creep

C : Due diligence

D : Gold Plating

1. A company that you previously worked for is seeking new employees and you are trying to exolain the culture to a potential candidate. The company has strict policies, supervisory control, and rules. Team members are not encouraged to be individualistic nor offer feedback to upper management. Many times, the team feels its input is not valuable or implemented. This explanation describes a company that utilizes what employee management theory?


A : Meridith and Mann's Autocratic Management Theory

B : Deming's Zero Defects Theory

C : Kerzner's Earned value Theory

D : DMcGregor's X Theory

2. Management by projects views aspects of ongoing operations as projects in order to apply Project Management techniques to them. This can be used to describe an oranizational approach to the management of ongoing operations. Why would a company want to utilize this methodology on nonprojects?


A : To keep project managers employed

B : To provide better estimates about durations

C : To allow the utilization of PM tools, such as earned value, to calculate ROI

D : To specify the different phases within the operations

3. The project life cycle can be broken into five phases that tend to overlap with each other frm one phase to another;however ,the control phase does not overlap with a specific phase. why?


A : Change control management is seperate from the other phases

B : Change control management has a plan that can be usede throughout the initiation, planning, execution, and closeout of the project

C : Because the project sponsor is responsible for change control management , the project manager is not involved with that phase of the project

D : Change control extends throughout the entire project from initiation to closeout

4. The software development life cycle begins with a proof of concept and progress into the build, test, and acceptance phases as the project develops. Some times, differences between stakeholders can develop into conflict, which impacts the customer. As a trained, professional project manager, how do you handle this situation and resolve the customer's concerns?


A : Let the customer vent and take notes

B : Schedule a meeting

C : Develope a change request for the customer

D : Resolve the matter in favour of the customer

5. You have started your own company based upon PMI methodologies and have been contracted by the government to develope a new interface for one of its computer applications. You develope a solution and win the bid for the contract but encounter problems at the end of the project when the customer says that you did not fullfill their needs. You are throughly shocked. What is your conclusion of the situation?


A : There are always more customers available

B : If the customer is not satisfied, the project is not successful

C : Change control management was not effective

D : The customer did not communicate very well

6. One of the goals of management by objectives (MBO) is to ensure that objectives of one level within an organization are supportive of and aligned with the objectives of another level of the organization. This methodology has been popular within some organizations as they define their culture. Which of the following is not true about MBO?


A : It has a top-down orientation

B : Corrective actions are not part of the process

C : You need to establish clear and achievable objectives

D : MBO is a natural fit for Project Management

7. The payback period can become an important issue when a large scope project is developed over several years. Maureen has been assigned the responsibility of calculating the payback period for her project that is to be completede in 3 years. The internal rate of return(IRR) is 7% and the annual savings will be $800,000 per year. The total cost is $4,000,000 and the rate of return during this time period is 3%. What is the payback period of Maureen's project?


A : 3 years

B : 4 years

C : 5 years

D : 13.3 years

8. Sometimes project managers forget all of the expenses that they can incur on a project, such as capital resources and assets. This can have an impact upon their budgets and the economic return on the project. A cost that has been incurred and cannot be reversed is known as a


A : Fixed Cost

B : Direct Cost

C : Variable Cost

D : Sunk Cost

9. A project charter is one of the key deliverables to come from the initiation process. The project charter should by issued by


A : one or more functional managers

B : The head of the performing organization

C : A manager external to the project

D : The CFO

10. You are a project manager for the redevelopment of the Hoover Dam. Your team has been provided with the scope statement, but it lacks many description details. Your team is concerned because the project is in the initiation phase and it wants to postpone it until it has more information. As the project manager, you recommend that


A : The team should go forward, but be caution about the lack of details and the impact upon the timeline for the project

B : The project should not go forward until the stakeholders agree about the scope and purpose of the project

C : The team should verify the scope and realize that more details will be available as more project characteristics are progressively elaborated.

D : The team should review the project selection criteria for the Hoover Dam project

1. A Good CFO will tell you that it is important to look at your bottom line and determine how to increase profits for the organization. Veronica, the new CFO at a local university, is taking that approach and applying it to new projects. Therefore,she wants to include costs from each phase of the project on a total expenditure is known as


A : An opportunity cost

B : A sunk cost


D : A life cycle

2. You are working on a new project to develop a new wireless product with ease - of - use features recommended by customers. It is as yet undetermined which features and the extent to which each feature will be incorporated into the product.You have a focus group that will continue to evaluate the features as the project goes forward.The focus group is authorized to suggest changes, as are your engineers and the quality department.As a project manager, what will help you most to minimize the effect of these changes?


A : A change management plan

B : A scope management plan

C : Do not continue with the project until all of the features are clearly defined in the scope statement and scope definition.

D : This is an expected part of every project. A good project manager will have a communications plan in place to be sure everyone knows what is happening on the project.

3. On a systems development project, Richard needs two programmers. He knows John and Smith were able to create a program in 40 days similar to the one he wants to create on his project. He decides to use 40 days as his estimate. This is an example of what type of estimating?


A : Parametric modeling

B : Analogous

C : Rule of thumb

D : Fixed Rate

5. Why are risk tolerances and thresholds important to identify in the risk management Plan?


A : Tolerances and thresholds, when documented, can help to define the target by which the project team can measure the effectiveness of the risk response plan execution

B : Tolerances and thresholds help to define how often the risk management process will be performed

C : Tolerances and thresholds determine what tools and data sources will be used in risk management

D : Tolerances and thresholds provide the basis for costing the risk management process as well as defining how risk activities will be recorded

6. Why are CPM, GERT, and PERT not considered sufficient to create a project schedule?


A : All three are tools and techniques of schedule development, not the actual schedule

B : As mathemetical analysis tools, they simply provide the dates that are posible, and do not consider resource pool limitations

C : They are sufficient. Each calculates early and late start and finish dates for each activity

D : They are Monte Carlo techniques used to provide what-if analysis for adverse external factors on a project

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