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What are two types of culling in a dairy herd?


A : a. Forced culling

B : b. Choice culling

C : c. Forced culling and choice culling

D : d. No culling

What are two causes of calf scours? I. overfeeding milk II. feeding from dirty pails III. allowing calf to drink too fast IV. unsanitary pens


A : a. I and II

B : b. II and III

C : c. I, II, III and IV

D : d. IV only

What is the seed portion of the plant called?


A : a. grain

B : b. chaff

C : c. stem

D : d. root

How many feet should be allowed between one show person and another when circling in the show ring?


A : a. 5-7

B : b. 8-9

C : c. 2-3

D : d. 2-5

Colostrum has a higher percentage of what nutrients than normal milk?


A : a. Protein

B : b. Vitamin A and energy

C : c. Mineral

D : d. Protein, energy, minerals, vitamin A

What two vitamins is milk high in?


A : a. A and D

B : b. K

C : c. E

D : d. C

What’s the major reason a cow may be culled by choice?


A : a. high production

B : b. diseases

C : c. low production

D : d. healthy

What are two common baby calf diseases?


A : a. fever

B : b. typhoid

C : c. scour and pneumonia

D : d. allergies

What is not an example of sources of grain protein supplements?


A : a. Soybean

B : b. Cottonseed

C : c. Linseed oil meal

D : d. Coconut oil

When the judge is observing the left side of the dairy cow, where should the exhibitor be positioned?


A : a. backward

B : b. parallel

C : c. horizontal

D : d. in front of the cow

How early should a calf receive colostrums?


A : a. 1 day after born

B : b. 2 days after born

C : c. 12 hours after born

D : d. 30 minutes after born

Extra amounts of what vitamin are usually added to milk?


A : a. vitamin K

B : b. vitamin C

C : c. vitamin D

D : d. vitamin A

What is one of the two major reasons a cow would be forced culled?


A : a. Poor health

B : b. Mastitis

C : c. Poor health and Mastitis

D : d. Healthy cow

What type of bedding is recommended for groups of calves?


A : a. straw

B : b. stone

C : c. pillow

D : d. bed

What is an example of a non protein nitrogen (NPN) used as a protein source in dairy feeds?


A : a. nitrogen

B : b. phosphorus

C : c. magnesium

D : d. urea

What type of soap should be avoided when washing a dairy cow?


A : a. fragrant soap

B : b. soap with antimicrobial activity

C : c. soap with herbal treatment

D : d. soap with detergent

What are dairy animals that are officially recorded in the breed association herd book called?


A : a. unregistered animal

B : b. token animal

C : c. unlicensed animal

D : d. registered animal

Most of what ingredient is removed from skim milk?


A : a. protein

B : b. carbohydrate

C : c. mineral

D : d. Fat

The back of a dairy cow is made up of what two parts?


A : a. chine and loin

B : b. udder and skin

C : c. chine and udder

D : d. loin and bone

What is the expected daily weight gain of a Holstein heifer calf from 200-800 pounds?


A : a. 1.5 pounds per day

B : b. 1.65 pounds per day

C : c. 1 pound per day

D : d. 2 pound per day

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