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1. Which of the following is used to make an abstract class?


A : Declaring it abstract using static keyword.

B : Declaring it abstract using virtual keyword.

C : Making at least one member function as virtual function.

D : Making at least one member function as pure virtual function.

2. Which of the following concepts means adding new components to a program as it runs?


A : Data hiding

B : Dynamic typing

C : Dynamic binding

D : Dynamic loading

3. Which of the following term is used for a function defined inside a class?


A : Member Variable

B : Member function

C : Class function

D : Classic function

4. How "Late binding" is implemented in C++?


A : Using C++ tables

B : Using Virtual tables

C : Using Indexed virtual tables

D : Using polymorphic tables

5. Which of the following concepts provides facility of using object of one class inside another class?


A : Encapsulation

B : Abstraction

C : Composition

D : Inheritance

6. Which of the following functions are performed by a constructor?


A : Construct a new class

B : Construct a new object

C : Construct a new function

D : Initialize objects

7. Which one of the following options is correct?


A : Friend function can access public data members of the class.

B : Friend function can access protected data members of the class.

C : Friend function can access private data members of the class.

D : All of the above.

8. Which of the following factors supports the statement that reusability is a desirable feature of a language?


A : It decreases the testing time.

B : It lowers the maintenance cost.

C : It reduces the compilation time.

D : Both A and B.

9. In which of the following a virtual call is resolved at the time of compilation?


A : From inside the destructor.

B : From inside the constructor.

C : From inside the main() .

D : Both A and B.

10. Which of the following concepts means waiting until runtime to determine which function to call?


A : Data hiding

B : Dynamic casting

C : Dynamic binding

D : Dynamic loading

1. Which of the following ways are legal to access a class data member using this pointer?


A : this->x

B : this.x

C : *this.x

D : *this-x

2. Which of the following is correct about the statements given below? All operators can be overloaded in C++. We can change the basic meaning of an operator in C++.


A : Only I is true.

B : Both I and II are false.

C : Only II is true.

D : Both I and II are true.

3. Which of the following operator is overloaded for object cout?


A : >>

B : <<

C : +

D : =

5. Which of the following type of class allows only one object of it to be created?


A : Virtual class

B : Abstract class

C : Singleton class

D : Friend class

6. Which of the following concept of oops allows compiler to insert arguments in a function call if it is not specified?


A : Call by value

B : Call by reference

C : Default arguments

D : Call by pointer

7. Which of the following is not the member of class?


A : Static function

B : Friend function

C : Const function

D : Virtual function

8. Which of the following is an abstract data type?


A : int

B : double

C : string

D : Class

9. Which of the following correctly describes overloading of functions?


A : Virtual polymorphism

B : Transient polymorphism

C : Ad-hoc polymorphism

D : Pseudo polymorphism

10. Which one of the following is the correct way to declare a pure virtual function?


A : virtual void Display(void){0};

B : virtual void Display = 0;

C : virtual void Display(void) = 0;

D : void Display(void) = 0;

1. Which of the following concepts means wrapping up of data and functions together?


A : Abstraction

B : Encapsulation

C : Inheritance

D : Polymorphism

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