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One Word Substitution - One Word Substitution Set - 4 Online Exam Quiz

Important questions about One Word Substitution - One Word Substitution Set - 4. One Word Substitution - One Word Substitution Set - 4 MCQ questions with answers. One Word Substitution - One Word Substitution Set - 4 exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

Paying back injury with injury


A : Vendetta

B : Repression

C : Subjugation

D : Reprisal

An assembly of hearers


A : Audience

B : Crowd

C : Congregation

D : Audience

Regard for others as a principle of action


A : Cynicism

B : Nepotism

C : Philanthropy

D : Altruism

An animal story with a moral


A : Fable

B : Tale

C : Anecdote

D : Fable

Person who pilots or travels in a balloon, airship or other aircraft


A : Aeronaut

B : Astronaut

C : Aerobat

D : Aeronaut

Simplest and smallest form of plant life, present in air, water and soil; essential to life but may cause disease


A : Virus

B : Amoeba

C : Bacteria

D : Bacteria

Relationship by blood or birth


A : Parentage

B : Affiliation

C : Consanguinity

D : Consanguinity

A person who makes love without serious intentions


A : Consort

B : Philanderer

C : Romeo

D : Philanderer

The art of cutting trees and bushes into ornamental shapes


A : Horticulture

B : Bonsai

C : Pruning

D : Topiary

A formal written charge against a person for some crime or offence


A : Accusation

B : Indictment

C : Allegation

D : Indictment

A person obsessed with exclusively one idea or subject


A : Crazy

B : Kleptomaniac

C : Monomaniac

D : Monomaniac

A person who kills somebody especially for political reasons


A : Criminal

B : Murderer

C : Assassin

D : Assassin

A child who stays away from school without any good reason


A : Vagabond

B : Delinquent

C : Schizophrenic

D : Truant

A person who rules without consulting the opinion of others


A : Democrat

B : Bureaucrat

C : Autocrat

D : Autocrat

Person who is indifferent to both pleasure and pain


A : Saint

B : Ascetic

C : Stoic

D : Stoic

Mania for stealing articles


A : Logomania

B : Nymphomania

C : Kleptomania

D : Kleptomania

Mania for travel


A : Dromomania

B : Pyromania

C : Bibliomania

D : Dromomania

Acutely affected by external impressions


A : Ingenious

B : Impressionable

C : Credulous

D : Sensitive

An associate in an office or institution


A : Companion

B : Ally

C : Colleague

D : Colleague

Person who claims to have great love for and understanding of what is beautiful in nature, art etc


A : Critic

B : Aesthete

C : Connoisseur

D : Aesthete

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