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Important questions about Nucleus and Aerobic Respiration. Nucleus and Aerobic Respiration MCQ questions with answers. Nucleus and Aerobic Respiration exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

Which of following is lost during an oxidation reaction?


A : a. electron

B : b. proton

C : c. hydrogen atom

D : d. nitrogen atom

Which of following processes does not require oxygen?


A : a. respiration

B : b. fermentation

C : c. redox reaction

D : d. oxidation

Which of following is gained during an oxidation reaction?


A : a. proton

B : b. hydrogen atom

C : c. nitrogen atom

D : d. electron

What is free energy change per mole of glucose that is decomposed?


A : a. 600 kcal

B : b. 886 kcal

C : c. 196 kcal

D : d. 686 kcal

Nucleoporins are __________


A : a. Nuclear pores

B : b. Ribosomes on nuclear membranes

C : c. rRNAs in the nucleolus

D : d. None of the mentioned

The transport factors that help in the transport of molecules through the nuclear pores are known as ___________


A : a. Nucleopherins

B : b. Nucleoporins

C : c. Karyopherins

D : d. Karyoporins

Lamin proteins that bind to the intra-nuclear chromatin are _____________


A : a. Emerin

B : b. Nesprin

C : c. LEM-3

D : d. Cannot be said

Nuclear Organizer Regions (NOR) is found in ________


A : a. Nuclear matrix

B : b. Nucleolus

C : c. Nuclear lamina

D : d. Nucleoporins

Cajal bodies mainly consist of the protein _________


A : a. Emerin

B : b. Actin

C : c. Coilin

D : d. Desprin

Which of the following is not a function of Cajal bodies?


A : a. snRNP biogenesis

B : b. histone mRNA processing

C : c. telomere assembly

D : d. tRNA processing

Which of the following is also known as Kremer bodies?


A : a. Cajal bodies

B : b. PML bodies

C : c. Nuclear speckles

D : d. Nucleolus

Which of the following plays a role in oncogenic function?


A : a. Kremer bodies

B : b. Cajal bodies

C : c. Splicing speckles

D : d. None of the mentioned

Nuclear speckles ______________


A : a. perform splicing of snRNPs

B : b. perform splicing of rRNAs

C : c. act as a transcription site for rRNAs

D : d. act as a storage site for snRNPs

Processing of mRNA includes __________


A : a. 5? capping, 3? polyadenylation and RNA splicing

B : b. 3? capping, 5? polyadenylation and RNA splicing

C : c. 5? capping and 3? polyadenylation

D : d. 5? capping and RNA splicing

The ability of importins and exportins to transport molecules in and out of the nucleoporins is regulated by ______________


A : a. ATPases

B : b. GTPases

C : c. AMPases

D : d. Both ATPases and GTPases

Which of the following human cells are multinucleated?


A : a. Myocytes

B : b. Erythrocytes

C : c. Megakaryocytes

D : d. None of the mentioned

Why are red blood cells anucleated?


A : a. Presence of nucleus leads to heavier cells that cannot flow in blood stream

B : b. Absence of nucleus leads to increased space for haemoglobin that carries molecular oxygen

C : c. Presence of nucleus leads to increased proliferation of RBCs which harms the body

D : d. All of the mentioned

Which of the following first binds to the NLS protein sequence?


A : a. Importin-alpha

B : b. Importin-beta

C : c. CAS protein

D : d. NLS detecting protein

Which of the following displaces Importin-alpha from the cargo transported inside the nucleus?


A : a. Impotin-beta

B : b. RanGTP

C : c. CAS

D : d. RanGTPase

The import cycle of cargo or molecule inside the nucleus requires the hydrolysis of ___


A : a. 1 GTP

B : b. 1 ATP

C : c. 2 GTPs

D : d. 3 GTPs

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