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The liquidity status of certificate of deposit which is more negotiable is considered as


A : a. certified liquidity

B : b. term liquidity

C : c. more liquid

D : d. less liquid

The commercial paper issued with low interest rate thus the commercial paper are categorized as


A : a. payables rating

B : b. commercial rating

C : c. poor credit rating

D : d. better credit rating

The maximum maturity days of holding commercial paper are


A : a. 170 days

B : b. 270 days

C : c. 120 days

D : d. 5 days

In borrowing and lending of federal funds, the federal funds rate is result of function between


A : a. assets and liability

B : b. cost and marketing

C : c. supply and demand

D : d. income and expense

The demand for heavy loans can cause


A : a. excess funds for banks

B : b. deficiencies for banks

C : c. organized reservation

D : d. competitive reservations

The agreement which incurs the transaction between two parties and promise held that second party will sell security at specific maturity is classified as


A : a. repurchasing commercial notes

B : b. repurchase bills

C : c. purchase agreement

D : d. reverse repurchase agreement

The repurchase agreements having maturity of one week or lesser have denominations of


A : a. $10 million or more

B : b. $20 million or more

C : c. $25 million or more

D : d. $15 million or more

The instrument used by Federal Reserve to smooth the money supply and interest rates include


A : a. treasury notes

B : b. repurchase agreements

C : c. commercial payable notes

D : d. commercial receivable notes

For a particular security transaction, the agreement is 'repo' with the point of view of


A : a. security seller

B : b. security buyer

C : c. security function

D : d. security function

The accounting entry of the institutions who lend federal funds to other institutions is posted as


A : a. liability on balance sheet

B : b. assets on balance sheet

C : c. income in income statement

D : d. expense on income statement

The rate which is used in major banks in United States as a rate for industrial and commercial loans is


A : a. London intra bank offered rate

B : b. London interbank offered rate

C : c. euro interbank offered rate

D : d. demand intra bank rate

The certificate of deposits which are usually negotiable are issued by


A : a. banks

B : b. financial market

C : c. stock exchange

D : d. business corporations

The investors held commercial papers generally from


A : a. issuance to maturity

B : b. within 1 to 2 days

C : c. within 3 to 4 days

D : d. within 4 to 5 days

The funds transferred usually for a day between financial institutions are classified as


A : a. federal funds

B : b. banker's funds

C : c. debt funds

D : d. secured funds

The bids of bidder which tells that how much treasury bills bidder wants to buy is classified as


A : a. federal acceptance bid

B : b. bankers? acceptance bid

C : c. non-competitive bids

D : d. competitive bids

The financial instrument such as commercial paper can be sold


A : a. issued by commercial banks

B : b. directly

C : c. with brokers or dealers

D : d. functional buyers

The process of issuing treasury bills is classified as


A : a. treasury trading auction

B : b. treasury fund auction

C : c. treasury bills auction

D : d. treasury bills transfer

For a particular security transaction, the agreement is classified as 'reverse repo' with the point of view of


A : a. security liability

B : b. security buyer

C : c. security seller

D : d. security function

The submitted bids in the treasury bills auction consist of types which are


A : a. competitive bids

B : b. non-competitive bids

C : c. treasury bids

D : d. both a and b

The type of market in which Eurodollar are traded is classified as


A : a. brokerage market

B : b. contraction market

C : c. expansion market

D : d. Eurodollar market

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