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Important questions about Milk Quality parameters. Milk Quality parameters MCQ questions with answers. Milk Quality parameters exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

The milk fat differential used in paying for raw milk is?


A : a. The price to be added or subtracted per 1/10 % of milk fat above or below a set percentage

B : b. A value established to penalize milk producers who have too much fat in their milk

C : c. A value set to penalize milk producers who have too little fat in their milk

D : d. The price to be added or subtracted per 50 percent of milk fat above or below a set percentage

The form of mastitis that is hidden from sight is known as __________________


A : a. Infectious

B : b. Clinical

C : c. Acute

D : d. Sub-Clinical

Which of the following will best control contagious mastitis?


A : a. Pre-milking teat dip

B : b. Barrier type teat dip

C : c. Antibiotic teat dip

D : d. Germicidal teat dip

The Standard Plate Count (SPC) has a prescribed incubation time of _____ hours at _____ °C.


A : a. 24 hours at 32°C

B : b. 48 hours at 45°C

C : c. 48 hours at 32°C

D : d. 12 hours at 45°C

One type of test for antibiotics, common adulterants of milk, is based upon the principle that the growth of bacteria is __________ by them.


A : a. Stimulated

B : b. Enhanced

C : c. Magnified

D : d. Inhibited

The __________ test is used to detect if milk has been pasteurized properly.


A : a. Lipase

B : b. Coliform

C : c. Standard Plate Count

D : d. Phosphatase

Milk provides__________ and _____________ in approximately the same ratio as found in bone.


A : a. Calcium and Magnesium

B : b. Calcium and Phosphorus

C : c. Calcium and Iron

D : d. Phosphorus and Magnesium

Which of the following is not a cause of coliform mastitis?


A : a. Cracked or split inflations

B : b. Milking too soon after calving

C : c. Using excessive water in washing udders

D : d. Slightly damp, warm bedding

About ____________ percent of the calcium available in the food supply is provided by milk and milk products.


A : a. 66%

B : b. 76%

C : c. 86%

D : d. 96%

Which of the following directly influence(s) the total supply of milk?


A : a. Prices paid milk producers

B : b. Manufacturing plants

C : c. Costs of fat production

D : d. Foreign exports

The pasteurized Milk Ordinance regulates what?


A : a. Grade A milk

B : b. Manufacturing grade milk

C : c. Grade B milk

D : d. Grade C milk

Dairy farmers can buy and sell dairy futures on what exchange?


A : a. New York Stock Exchange

B : b. National Dairy Exchange

C : c. Coffee, Sugar, Coca Exchange

D : d. Chicago Mercantile Exchange

According to the Food & Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences, all people need at least _________ milligrams of calcium per day.


A : a. 100

B : b. 1000

C : c. 10,000

D : d. 100,000

The cheese price series is based on 63 U.S. cheese plants that make 80-85 percent of the bulk Cheddar. What is the price series called?


A : a. NASS Cheese Price Survey

B : b. NASS Cheddar Cheese Price Survey

C : c. NASS Swiss cheese Price Survey

D : d. U.S. Cheddar Cheese Price Survey

What marketing tool would be used in the futures market by someone who owns a commodity such as milk and intends to sell it sometime in the future?


A : a. Basis contract

B : b. Pooling contract

C : c. Short Hedge

D : d. Speculating buyer

Farm water supplies must be protected from surface contamination. Water is usually tested for __________ as an indicator of possible sewage contamination.


A : a. Proteolytic bacteria

B : b. Lipolytic bacteria

C : c. Coliform bacteria

D : d. Psychotropic bacteria

Specific gravity of milk at 60°F is __________


A : a. 1.022

B : b. 1.032

C : c. 1.033

D : d. 1.042

The International Dairy Federations (IDF) mission is to promote ______________


A : a. Scientific, cultural & economic progress

B : b. Agricultural, technical & economic progress

C : c. Technical, scientific & industrial progress

D : d. Scientific, technical & economic progress

USDA reports net prices received by dairy farmers for milk, usually the prices are published on a map to show regional differences. The prices are referred to as _______________


A : a. Blend prices

B : b. Regional prices

C : c. Mailbox prices

D : d. BFP prices

The “set aside” of $0.15 per hundred pounds of milk from a milk producer’s check is used in programs that support ______


A : a. Promotions & research

B : b. Research & testing

C : c. Teaching & promotion

D : d. Promotion & teaching

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