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The behaviour of visco-elastic material is time dependent. This behaviour is common in __________ materials.


A : a. non-crystalline solid

B : b. crystalline

C : c. rubberry

D : d. non-crystalline organic polymeric.

Addition of __________ to the steel helps in increasing the residual magnetism in steel used for making magnets.


A : a. chromium

B : b. nickel

C : c. tungsten

D : d. cobalt

Austenitic manganese steel used for making jaws of crushing machines contains about __________ percent manganese.


A : a. 1.5-2

B : b. 3.5-4.5

C : c. 7-9

D : d. 12-14

The impure iron (pig iron) that is tapped out from blast furnace contains about __________ percent carbon.


A : a. 0.2

B : b. 2

C : c. 4

D : d. 8

The melleability of a material is the property by virtue of which it can be rolled or hammered into thin sheets. Which of the following materials has the miximum malleability ?


A : a. Lead

B : b. Copper

C : c. Aluminium

D : d. Wrought iron

Babbit metal used for bearings is a____base alloy.


A : a. tin

B : b. lead

C : c. aluminium

D : d. copper

SO? is absorbed using H?SO? in a


A : a. cast iron packed tower.

B : b. stainless steel plate tower.

C : c. packed steel tower lined with acid proof bricks.

D : d. none of these.

Specify the material of construction suitable for handling concentrated HNO? at 100°C.


A : a. High silicon iron, Kel-F and teflon

B : b. Tin and wood

C : c. Silicone rubber

D : d. Stainless steel

The fermentor used for the production of ethyl alcohol from molasses is made of


A : a. wood

B : b. concrete

C : c. copper bearing steel

D : d. procelain

Super conductors are those substances, which


A : a. offer no resistance to current flow.

B : b. conduct electricity at low temperature.

C : c. offer high resistance to current flow.

D : d. conduct electricity at high temperature.

Which of the following is not a copper based alloy with nickel ?


A : a. German silver

B : b. Monel metal

C : c. Inconel

D : d. Constantan

Which of the following is not an alloy of copper and tin ?


A : a. Bell metal

B : b. Gun metal

C : c. Admiralty gun metal

D : d. Monel metal

Which of the following mechanical properties of a material is most structure insensitive ?


A : a. Modulus of elasticity (young's modulus).

B : b. Toughness.

C : c. Percentage reduction of area.

D : d. Tensile strength.

Babbit metals used for making bearings are


A : a. tin or lead based alloys.

B : b. short of antifrictional properties.

C : c. having homogenous microstructure.

D : d. yellow metals.

Copper is dissolved from its ore by H?SO? in a percolation tank made of


A : a. wood

B : b. stainless steel

C : c. reinforced concrete lined with lead

D : d. high silicon iron (14% Si)

Straight silicon steel (containing Si from 0.5 to 5%) because of their low hysterisis loss and high magnetic permeability are used for electrical appliances. Which of the following electrical appliances made of silicon steel contains maximum percentage of silicon (about 4%) ?


A : a. Armature of small motors/generators.

B : b. Generators and small motors.

C : c. Induction motors.

D : d. High frequency transformers.

A metallic alloy in general as compared to their pure metal components is


A : a. more corrosion resistant.

B : b. having higher melting point.

C : c. having lower hardness, reactivity and fusibility.

D : d. having lower electrical conductivity.

Presence of even 0.005% of __________ in copper makes it highly brittle, rendering it useless for wire-drawing.


A : a. oxygen

B : b. arsenic

C : c. antimony

D : d. bismuth

Ceramic materials fabrication can not be done by


A : a. welding

B : b. slip casting

C : c. extrusion

D : d. plastic pressing

Approximate value of the modulus of elasticity for steel is about __________ x 10? kg/cm².


A : a. 0.5

B : b. 2

C : c. 40

D : d. 75

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