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3. Demand side market failures occur when


A : supply curves do not reflect the full cost of producing a good or services

B : demand curves do not reflect consumer?s full willingness to pay for goods or services

C : government imposes tax on a good or a service

D : a good or service is not produced because no one demands it

4. Productivity is the combination of


A : efficiency and energy

B : efficiency and effectiveness

C : efficiency and attitude

D : effectiveness and resources

5. Which of the following are examples of plagiarism? I. Using someone else's idea in your own writing, and including an in-text citation that links to a works-cited list. II. Using someone else's words in your writing without putting quotation marks around them. III. Reproducing a drawing or diagram without including information about where you found it.


A : II only

B : I only

C : I and III only

D : II and III only

9. Which of the following is an example of market failure?


A : Prices do not reflect the full social cost of production

B : A firm goes out of business because it cannot find a market for its products

C : Prices rise so that the consumers cannot afford the products they want to buy

D : Producer surplus is maximized

10. Market survey means...........


A : Market Research

B : Market Planning

C : Marketing Strategies

D : Market Monitoring

3. Which of the following is not a selling expense?


A : Freight-out

B : Advertising expense

C : Store supplies

D : Office salaries expense

4. What does destination scan mean?


A : The shipment has arrived at a UPS facility.

B : The shipment has departed a UPS facility and is on its way to the next UPS facility.

C : The shipment has arrived at the local UPS facility responsible for final delivery.

D : UPS has received the shipment.

6. A supply curve slopes upward because


A : an increase in price gives producers an incentive to supply a larger quantity.

B : the quantity supplied of most goods and services increases over time.

C : an increase in input prices increases supply.

D : as more is produced, total cost of production falls.

7. The relationship between quantity supplied and price is


A : Directly proportional

B : Inverselyproportional

C : Can't be determined

D : None of the above

8. What does in transit to destination mean?


A : on the way for delivery

B : delay in delivery

C : booking processed but not shipped

D : None of the above

9. The systematic risk of the market is measured by


A : alpha

B : beta

C : gamma

D : All of the above

10. In contrast to investment, consumption is


A : relatively unstable

B : measurable

C : unmeasurable

D : relatively stable

1. When backed by buying, power wants become


A : demands

B : physical needs

C : exchanges

D : social needs

2. The first step in the marketing research process is to


A : Decide Research Approach

B : Develop Research Plan

C : Define the Problem

D : Collect Relevant Data and Information

3. The new product development process usually starts with


A : idea generation

B : market strategy development

C : concept development

D : idea screening

4. Which Bank has tied up with Samsung Pay through which cardholders will be able to pay using smartphones at merchant establishments ?


A : HDFC Bank

B : Yes Bank

C : Kotak Mahindra Bank

D : Punjab National Bank

5. Marketing refers to -


A : Execution of sales

B : Planning sales campaigns

C : Advertising and promotions

D : Philosophy that stresses customer value and satisfaction

6. Concentrating the marketing efforts on one particular segment of consumers is known as ?


A : Ambush Marketing

B : Niche Marketing

C : Content Marketing

D : Cloud Marketing

9. If Average Total Cost is declining then


A : The Marginal Cost is Less than Average Cost

B : The Total Cost must also be Declining

C : The Marginal Cost is Greater than Average Cost

D : The Average Fixed Cost curve must lie above the average variable cost curve

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