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Important questions about Management Accounting in Organizations. Management Accounting in Organizations MCQ questions with answers. Management Accounting in Organizations exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

In value chain analysis, the coordination, acquiring and assembling of resources to produce a product is classified as


A : a. resourcing

B : b. value acquiring

C : c. production

D : d. value acquaintance

The time that a company takes to create and produce a new product is classified as


A : a. management factor

B : b. time factor

C : c. customer factor

D : d. chain factor

The purpose of management accounting is to


A : a. past orientation

B : b. help banks make decisions

C : c. help managers make decisions

D : d. help investors make decision

An accounting approach, in which the expected benefits exceed the expected cost is classified as


A : a. benefit approach

B : b. cost approach

C : c. cost-benefit approach

D : d. accounting approach

The flow of goods and services, from the start of gathering materials until the delivery of products, is known as


A : a. flow chart analysis

B : b. supply chain analysis

C : c. resource chain analysis

D : d. acquiring analysis

The step by step business functions, in which product or services must have customer usefulness, is classified as


A : a. value chain

B : b. useful chain

C : c. product chain

D : d. services chain

The decisions regarding usage of material, kind and changes in plant processing are a part of


A : a. past management

B : b. future management

C : c. help management

D : d. cost management

The function of management accountant, who works as business partner comes under the category of


A : a. asset function

B : b. investment function

C : c. line function

D : d. staff function

The decision making step, which consists of organization goals, predicting alternatives and communicating goals is called


A : a. organization

B : b. alternation

C : c. planning

D : d. valuing

An availability of after sale support, to the existing or potential customers in value chain analysis is known as


A : a. customer services

B : b. utility services

C : c. resource services

D : d. acquiring services

The quantitative expression of decided plan and coordination, for plan implementation is known as


A : a. cost format

B : b. decided plan

C : c. coordination plan

D : d. budget

The strategy that interlinks technology and people, to enhance relationships in all the business functions is classified as


A : a. technology management

B : b. people management

C : c. customer relationship management

D : d. resource management

The experimentation and generation of ideas related to new product or services are included in


A : a. addressing management

B : b. research and development

C : c. value development

D : d. service provider

The philosophy, in which the management works to improve value chain of the products, to exceed customer expectations is classified as


A : a. quality

B : b. management chain

C : c. customer chain

D : d. cost chain

The cash management, investments, long and short term financing are included in


A : a. proprietorship

B : b. functional line

C : c. treasury

D : d. controllership

In financial accounting, the investors, banks, suppliers and government agencies are classified as


A : a. external parties

B : b. internal parties

C : c. environmental parties

D : d. transactional parties

Marketing, production and management of distribution comes under the category of


A : a. staff management

B : b. line management

C : c. marketing management

D : d. production management

The function of plant manager, in which he is responsible for new assets investment is termed as


A : a. line function

B : b. staff function

C : c. asset function

D : d. investment function

The process of analyzing and reviewing financial records to check the integrity of company financial reports is called


A : a. internal audit

B : b. external audit

C : c. functional audit

D : d. treasury audit

The type of accounting, which reports financial and non-financial data about the cost of material and acquiring of resources is classified as


A : a. material accounting

B : b. cost accounting

C : c. supplies accounting

D : d. business accounting

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