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Important questions about Liquids and Solids. Liquids and Solids MCQ questions with answers. Liquids and Solids exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

Glue comes under example of


A : a. crystalline solids

B : b. amorphous solids

C : c. simple solids

D : d. compound solids

Ions of ionic crystals become free when it is in


A : a. solid state

B : b. compound state

C : c. molten state

D : d. none of these

Planes along which crystalline solids are broken down are called


A : a. cleavage planes

B : b. regular planes

C : c. irregular planes

D : d. simple planes

Potassium nitrite makes isomorphs with


A : a. zinc sulphate

B : b. sodium chloride

C : c. zinc

D : d. sodium nitrite

Usual property of ionic crystals is that they are


A : a. stable

B : b. unstable

C : c. gaseous form

D : d. compound forming

Isomorphism is possible because of compatible


A : a. ratio

B : b. sizes

C : c. shape

D : d. color

Crystal which is used to study Avogadro's number is called


A : a. LiF

B : b. NaI

C : c. NaCl

D : d. LiF

Another name for electron pool theory is


A : a. electron gas theory

B : b. liquid theory

C : c. solid theory

D : d. pool theory

Hexane has maximum value for enthalpy change in vaporization, which is


A : a. 7kJ/mole

B : b. 23kJ/mole

C : c. 30.1kJ/mole

D : d. 4kJ/mole

Ethanol has boiling point of


A : a. 38 degree Celsius

B : b. 65 degree Celsius

C : c. 67 degree Celsius

D : d. 78.25 degree Celsius

In London dispersion forces dipole which is created, is


A : a. temporary

B : b. permanent

C : c. weak

D : d. strong

Bond distance in iodine molecule in solid iodine is


A : a. 271.5pm

B : b. 266.6pm

C : c. 250pm

D : d. 230pm

Sulphur dioxide has molar heat of vaporization whose value in kJ/mole is


A : a. 40.6kJ/mole

B : b. 15.6kJ/mole

C : c. 24.3kJ/mole

D : d. 21kJ/mole

Energy which is released when 1 mole of ionic crystal is formed is known as


A : a. lattice energy

B : b. heat energy

C : c. molar energy

D : d. kinetic energy

Habit of crystal is actually its


A : a. color

B : b. size

C : c. shape

D : d. density

Characteristic of covalent bonds present in metallic structure is that they are


A : a. localized

B : b. permanent

C : c. temporary

D : d. delocalized

Quantity of liquid, Molar heat of vaporization needs is


A : a. 1 mole

B : b. 5 mole

C : c. 8 mole

D : d. 10 mole

Liquid will boil at low temperature when we have


A : a. low external pressure

B : b. low volume

C : c. low viscosity

D : d. low polarization

218 degree Celsius boiling point at 1 atm is characteristic of


A : a. ethanol

B : b. alcohol

C : c. naphthalene

D : d. phenol

Isomorph of sodium fluoride is


A : a. chlorine

B : b. magnesium oxide

C : c. sodium

D : d. Sulphur

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