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Who influence the courses of history as individual citizens, thinkers, soldiers and voters?


A : a. Scholars

B : b. Politicians

C : c. Leaders

D : d. Great leaders

Globalization is changing both


A : a. IMF and UN

B : b. IMF and EU

C : c. International security and IPE

D : d. International Organization and Trade

Which level of analysis concerns the influence of the international system upon outcomes?


A : a. Domestic

B : b. Interstate

C : c. State

D : d. Nonstate

In 2003 no states were willing to back the


A : a. US military

B : b. China military

C : c. Iraq Military

D : d. Iran Military

When WTO meeting with Cancun, Mexico held?


A : a. 2000

B : b. 2001

C : c. 2002

D : d. 2003

Which School of thought sees globalization as more profound than the skeptics believe?


A : a. First school of thought

B : b. Second school of thought

C : c. Third school of thought

D : d. All of above

At the Global level the war might be a global fear or a clash between?


A : a. US and Iraq

B : b. Islam and the West

C : c. Islam and the Globalization

D : d. China and America

Who mainly focus on the study of level of analysis?


A : a. Government

B : b. IR scholar

C : c. People

D : d. All of above

Level of analysis concerns the perceptions, option and actions of the individual human beings is called


A : a. Global

B : b. domestic

C : c. Individual

D : d. National

Cancun and Mexico were kept away, from which conference center


A : a. IMF

B : b. WTO

C : c. UN

D : d. EU

Level of analysis offers different kinds of explanations for


A : a. International communications

B : b. International Politics

C : c. International organizations

D : d. International Events

When WTO held meeting in Hong Kong?


A : a. 2000

B : b. 2001

C : c. 2005

D : d. 2010

The policies to focus on antiglobalization protests expands


A : a. Free market economy

B : b. Market policies

C : c. Free market

D : d. trade

Which state was free to attack Iraq?


A : a. United States

B : b. China

C : c. Iran

D : d. Iraq

The level of analysis focuses on the interactions of


A : a. People

B : b. Community

C : c. State

D : d. Countries

The level of analysis concerns the collection of individual that influence state actions in the international arena is called


A : a. individual

B : b. Domestic

C : c. State

D : d. national

The fruition of the liberal economic principle is?


A : a. Globalization

B : b. Technology

C : c. Civilizations

D : d. Communication

Which process has made traditional state obsolete as economic units?


A : a. International

B : b. Economic

C : c. Social

D : d. People

Interstate level the war might be attributed to the predominance of




C : c. Golf Countries

D : d. Nuclear power

Globalization diffuses


A : a. Responsibility

B : b. Authority

C : c. Transformation

D : d. Trade

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