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Chitinous Setae are locomotry organs of annelids which are present on


A : a. parapodia

B : b. cell wall

C : c. prostomium

D : d. nucleolus

Animals which have both features of mammals and reptiles together, include


A : a. duckbill platypus

B : b. spiny ant eater

C : c. wolves

D : d. Both a and b

If two different types of individuals structurally or functionally occur in same organism, this condition is called


A : a. heteromorphism

B : b. morphism

C : c. polymorphism

D : d. hypomorphism

Neiris belong to class


A : a. polychaeta

B : b. hirudinea

C : c. oligochaeta

D : d. animalia

Animals of division Radiata are


A : a. triploblastic

B : b. diploblastic

C : c. radioblastic

D : d. quadroblastic

Mesoderm is derived from wall of developing gut (archentron) in series


A : a. deutrostomia

B : b. pterostomia

C : c. protrostomia

D : d. pretostomia

Bony fishes have brain which is composed of 10 pains of


A : a. cranial nerves

B : b. ganglia

C : c. flame cells

D : d. neurons

Lower jaw of mammals is composed of only one


A : a. Teeth

B : b. bone

C : c. cartilage

D : d. muscles

Body of mammals is covered by


A : a. feathers

B : b. hairs

C : c. scales

D : d. fins

Cleavage in which planes of cleavage are symmetrical to polar axis and produce tiers of cells is radial and


A : a. spiral

B : b. indeterminate

C : c. determinate

D : d. independent

There are four bands of muscles in Nematodes, two are dorso-lateral and two


A : a. ventro-lateral

B : b. dorso-ventral

C : c. dorso-lateral

D : d. latero-ventral

Biologists believe that mammals have been evolved from their reptilian ancestors they


A : a. dinosaurs

B : b. brachiosaurs

C : c. cotylasaurs

D : d. dicotylasaurs

Generations reproduced sexuallly and asexually in coelenterates, are


A : a. haploid

B : b. diploid

C : c. triploblastic

D : d. diploblastic

Annelids have specialized structure for excretion called


A : a. flame cells

B : b. nephridia

C : c. bulb cells

D : d. bacillus

Amphibians are poikilothermix, therefore they use to hibernate in


A : a. winter

B : b. summer

C : c. autumn

D : d. spring

Embryo of Taenia is inside egg and contain chitinous hook that are in number


A : a. 6

B : b. 7

C : c. 5

D : d. 9

An example of marine colonial that exhibits alternation of generations is


A : a. star fish

B : b. Obelia

C : c. jelly fish

D : d. sea urchin

Skeleton of sponges is composed of needle-like structures called


A : a. spicules

B : b. ostia

C : c. osculum

D : d. spongecoel

Tasmania wolf found in Australia belong to class metatheria and termed as


A : a. marsupials

B : b. reptiles

C : c. mammals like reptiles

D : d. amphibians

Glandular epithelia envelope which secretes calcareous shell is called


A : a. chitin

B : b. exoskeleton

C : c. mantle

D : d. core

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