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Important questions about Joints and Jointing. Joints and Jointing MCQ questions with answers. Joints and Jointing exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

What is responsible for jointing of rocks?


A : a. Genesis

B : b. Forces acting on the rock

C : c. Genesis and various forces acting on the rock

D : d. Precipitation

Fractures along which there has been no relative displacement is called?


A : a. Faults

B : b. Joints

C : c. Folds

D : d. Intrusions

Joint is always accompanied by opening.


A : a. True

B : b. False

C : c. May be True or False

D : d. Can't say

The open joints are gradually enlarged due to ___________


A : a. Rains

B : b. Winds

C : c. Weathering

D : d. Sunlight

The type of joint usually found is ___________


A : a. Open joints

B : b. Close joints

C : c. Open and close joints

D : d. Faulted joints

When the joints are prominent and extending for considerable depth they are called ___________


A : a. Continuous joints

B : b. Discontinuous joints

C : c. Deep joints

D : d. Prominent joints

What are the continuous joints also called?


A : a. Uniform joints

B : b. Normal joints

C : c. Prime joints

D : d. Master joints

The streaks or bands filling material in the rocks are called ___________


A : a. Colour pigments

B : b. Resins

C : c. Veins

D : d. Pores

When the thickness is greater than 20 cm, the veins area called ___________


A : a. Thick veins

B : b. Fissure veins

C : c. Joint veins

D : d. Broad veins

Joints do not have dip and strike.


A : a. True

B : b. False

C : c. May be True or False

D : d. Can't say

Pick the wrong statement.


A : a. A joint set is a group of joint surfaces

B : b. The surfaces trend in same direction

C : c. The surfaces have almost same dip

D : d. The joint surfaces do no trend in same direction

Group of joint sets are called ___________


A : a. Joint system

B : b. Joint group

C : c. Joint class

D : d. Joint collection

The classification which is not considered under study is ___________


A : a. Spatial relationship

B : b. Number of joints

C : c. Geometry

D : d. Genesis

The type of joint which can be measured and mapped easily is ___________


A : a. Systematic joints

B : b. Non-systematic joints

C : c. Irregular joints

D : d. Homogenous joints

Example of systematic joints are ___________


A : a. Columnar joints

B : b. Mural joints

C : c. Sheet joints

D : d. Columnar and mural joints

How many groups are classified based on the presence of regularities?


A : a. 2

B : b. 3

C : c. 5

D : d. 4

Which type of rocks are classified based on geometry?


A : a. Pseudo-stratified

B : b. Stratified

C : c. Non-stratified

D : d. Anisotropic

How many types are further classified based on geometry?


A : a. 2

B : b. 4

C : c. 3

D : d. 5

The type of joint not studied under the geometry as basis is ___________


A : a. Strike joints

B : b. Dip joints

C : c. Hade joints

D : d. Oblique joints

What is the other name for diagonal joints?


A : a. Dip joints

B : b. Strike joints

C : c. Sheet joints

D : d. Oblique joints

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