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Important questions about Introduction to Marketing. Introduction to Marketing MCQ questions with answers. Introduction to Marketing exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

The type of question in questionnaire in which all possible choices are given is


A : a. open ended question

B : b. close ended question

C : c. Both a and b

D : d. none of above

The first step in marketing process is to


A : a. define research objectives

B : b. develop research plan

C : c. implement research plan

D : d. none of above

The changes made in the product characteristics such as quality, style and features are calledThe 'non-probability sample' includesThe strategy of introducing new product in existing market is classified as


A : a. modifying marketing mixstratified random sampleMarket development

B : b. modifying raw material schedulecluster sampleMarket penetration

C : c. modifying the productsimple random sampleProduct development

D : d. modifying the marketconvenience sampleDiversification

The logistic network which moves finished product from company to resellers and then to end users is classified as


A : a. risk averse distribution

B : b. reverse distribution

C : c. inbound distribution

D : d. outbound distribution

The research which is used to describe market potential of any market offering is best classified as


A : a. casual research

B : b. exploratory research

C : c. descriptive research

D : d. Both a and c

In marketing strategy, the advertising and personal selling can be referred as


A : a. Place

B : b. Product

C : c. Price

D : d. Promotion

The 'Family Dollar' is evaluating one location out of many by checking nearby areas conditions is an example


A : a. experimental research

B : b. ethnographic research

C : c. observational research

D : d. survey research

The arrangement of different market performance measures as a single display to monitor results is classified as


A : a. Return on investment

B : b. Marketing dashboard

C : c. Marketing scorecard

D : d. Both a and b

The unfavorable external factors or trends that may pose a challenge to company are called


A : a. Strengths

B : b. Weaknesses

C : c. Opportunities

D : d. Threats

The kind of understanding the company gets from marketing information is known as


A : a. marketing information system

B : b. customer insights

C : c. competitive marketing database

D : d. variable testing data base

The concept of logistics which focuses on teamwork in the whole supply chain management to maximize performance of a distribution system is classified as


A : a. integrated logistics management

B : b. intermodal logistics management

C : c. intra-modal logistics management

D : d. exclusive logistics management

The breakeven pricing strategy is also called


A : a. learning pricing

B : b. marginal pricing

C : c. target return pricing

D : d. markup return pricing

The marketing channel that involves one or more intermediaries to made their products available to final buyers is classified as


A : a. flexible channel

B : b. static channel

C : c. direct channel

D : d. indirect channel

The strategy of launching new product in new market is known as


A : a. Market penetration

B : b. Product development

C : c. Market development

D : d. Diversification

The process which involves controlling, implementing and planning the materials and final goods to meet final customer at high profits is classified as


A : a. exclusive distribution

B : b. exclusive dealing

C : c. physical distribution

D : d. supply chain management

The kind of advantage gained by offering greater value to customers as compared to competitors is classified as


A : a. competitive advantage

B : b. corporate advantage

C : c. branding advantage

D : d. premium advantage

The Company whose strategies are based on the idea of delivering superior brand value to its targeted segment is classified as


A : a. competitor centered company

B : b. customer centered company

C : c. profit centered company

D : d. market centered company

The independent service provider of logistics who can do all the functions required by clients is classified as


A : a. public held logistic provider

B : b. privately held logistic provider

C : c. Third party logistics provider

D : d. single part logistics provider

The network of company's supply chain and its customers is called


A : a. Value chain

B : b. Value delivery network

C : c. Both a and b

D : d. None of above

The process of comparing own products or services to leading firms practices to improve performance and quality is called


A : a. strategic analysis

B : b. corporate image analysis

C : c. benchmarking

D : d. customer value analysis

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