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Important questions about Introduction to Cultural Psychology. Introduction to Cultural Psychology MCQ questions with answers. Introduction to Cultural Psychology exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

The data gathering from different societies in anthropology it's called


A : a. Ethno medical

B : b. Ethnology

C : c. Ethnoscience

D : d. None of the above

In anthropology the cultures are not isolated said by


A : a. Franz Boas

B : b. Karl Marx

C : c. Kroeber

D : d. Margaret Mead

In anthropology the reconstructs social systems of the past and interprets past human behavior and culture patterns is called


A : a. Sociology

B : b. Anthropology

C : c. Archaeology

D : d. All of the above

The interrelations among living things in an environment is called


A : a. Ecology

B : b. Psychology

C : c. Sociology

D : d. All of the above

According to anthropologists culture also is transmitted through


A : a. Observation

B : b. Thinking

C : c. Exploration

D : d. All of the above

According to anthropologists different kind of signs in the society is called


A : a. Symbols

B : b. Pattern

C : c. Design

D : d. both a and c

According to anthropologist culture as ideas based on cultural learning and symbols said by


A : a. Karl Marx

B : b. Clifford Geertz

C : c. Franz Boas

D : d. Margaret Mead

According to anthropologists every person begins immediately, through a process of conscious and unconscious learning and interaction with others, is called


A : a. Faith

B : b. Symbols

C : c. Culture

D : d. All of the above

According to anthropologists people can learn any culture and tradition


A : a. Easily

B : b. Hardly

C : c. Rarely

D : d. Fastly

Who found the Navajo music?


A : a. Kroeeber

B : b. Max Weber

C : c. Karl Polanyi

D : d. McAlester

For anthropologists, everyone acquires culture through


A : a. Enculturation

B : b. Culturation

C : c. culture

D : d. Tradition

Art is part of


A : a. Tradition

B : b. Life

C : c. Politics

D : d. Culture

Who says that the foreign music as dangerous and rejected it as not a part of their culture


A : a. Navajo

B : b. Max Weber

C : c. Karl Polanyi

D : d. E,B Tylor

According to anthropologists in many societies, myth, legends, tales, and the art of storytelling play important roles in the transmission of culture and


A : a. Language

B : b. Tradition

C : c. Fine arts

D : d. Ceremony

Appreciation of the arts must be learned it is a part of


A : a. Acculturation

B : b. Assamilation

C : c. Enculturation

D : d. Association

Anthropology's approach to the arts was contrasted with a traditional humanities focus on


A : a. Culture

B : b. Tradition

C : c. Fine arts

D : d. All of the above

According to Chatman culture can be defined in terms of


A : a. High agreement

B : b. Low agreement

C : c. Low intensity

D : d. High and low

Which of the following is not a process of cultural dynamics in


A : a. Symbolization

B : b. Rationalization

C : c. Interpretation

D : d. Realization

Seeing culture as a management tool is characteristic of which perspective


A : a. Symbolic

B : b. Postmodern

C : c. Modernist

D : d. Dramaturgic

According to anthropologists, Siehl and Martin, a subculture that supports the larger or dominant culture in an organization is referred to as


A : a. Countercultural

B : b. Orthogonal

C : c. Occupational

D : d. Enhancing

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