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Important questions about Idioms And Phrases. Idioms And Phrases MCQ questions with answers. Idioms And Phrases exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

1. He went to his friend's house in the evening as was his wont .


A : as usual

B : as he wanted

C : as his want was

D : as he wanted that day

2. Why do you wish to tread on the toes ?


A : To give offence to them

B : To follow them grudgingly

C : To treat them indifferently

D : To be kicked by them

3. He intends setting up as a lawyer in the adjoining district.


A : To establish himself

B : To migrate

C : To join

D : To settle

4. The autographed bat from the famous cricketer Sunil Gavaskar is worth a jew's eye


A : Not a worthy possession

B : unnecessary

C : A costly items

D : A possession of high value

5. The speaker gave a bird's eye view of the political conditions in the country.


A : a personal view

B : a general view

C : a biased view

D : a detailed presentation

6. He resigned the post of his own accord .


A : which he liked

B : according to his convenience

C : voluntarily and willingly

D : according to his judgement

7. As a politician he is used to being in the limelight all the time.


A : giving speeches

B : the object of admiration

C : the centre of attraction

D : an object of public notice

8. I ran out of money on my European tour.


A : exhausted my stock of

B : did not have enough

C : lost

D : carried a lot

9. Madhuri might scream blue murder, but I feel Deepali should get the promotion since she is better qualified for the job.


A : Someone has been murdered with some blue liquid

B : Someone is being murdered and has become blue

C : Suffer from persecution complex

D : Make a great deal of noise and object vehemently

10. Having sold off his factory, he is now a gentleman at large .


A : Has no serious occupation

B : Is living comfortably

C : Is respected by everybody

D : Is held in high esteem

1. Though he has lot of money, yet all his plans are built upon sand .


A : established on insecure foundations

B : based on inexperience

C : resting on cheap material

D : resting on immature ideas

2. His plan was so complicated that it floored his listeners.


A : entertained

B : puzzled

C : annoyed

D : encouraged

3. There has been bad blood between the two communities even before shouting.


A : Impure blood

B : Ill feeling

C : Bloody fights

D : Quarrels

4. The curious neighbours were disappointed as the young couple's quarrel was just a storm in a tea cup .


A : violent quarrel

B : fuss about a trifle

C : brittle situation

D : quarrel about tea cups

5. Mohan always keeps himself to himself


A : Is too busy

B : Is selfish

C : Is unsociable

D : Does not take sides

6. While the ladies continued their small talk in the drawing room, I felt bored.


A : whispering

B : backbiting

C : gossip

D : light conversation

7. My car broke down on way to the railway station.


A : stopped

B : met with an accident

C : ran out of petrol

D : failed to work

8. My father strained every nerve to enable me to get settled in life.


A : worked very hard

B : spent a huge amount

C : tried all tricks

D : bribed several persons

9. He is always picking holes in every project.


A : creating problems in

B : finding fault with

C : suggesting improvement in

D : asking irrelevant questions on

10. The die is cast and now let us hope for the best.


A : project is over

B : decision is made

C : death is inevitable

D : cloth has been dyed

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