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1. Suppose a System z customer has a new CIO. The CIO is concerned about continuing operations and recovery following a catastrophe.Which of the following addresses this issue?




C : DR


2. Suppose a customer is attempting to determine what failed during the last boot sequence of the Linux partition. Which of the following can be used to determine the error condition?


A : /var/log/messages

B : /proc/startup

C : /usr/sbin/log

D : /etc/boot

3. What are the advantages of fragmentation?


A : reduced disk space requirements

B : higher availability

C : finer granularity of archives and resources

D : parallel scans are possible with PDQ

4. Explain Given the following SQL statement: GRANT REFERENCES ON TABLE tab1 TO USER usera.Which of the following describes what USERA is allowed to do?


A : Create a read?only view using TAB1.

B : Alter TAB1 to add a check constraint.

C : Define a primary key or unique constraint on TAB1.

D : Define a dependent table where TAB1 is the parent.

5. What help ensure that the XIV Systems cache does not become a bottleneck?


A : central cache locking mechanism

B : use of industry standard chip technology

C : each module is responsible for caching the data in that module

D : having all modules understand what is held cache at all times

6. Which of the following can be kept in memory when the DB2 configuration parameter KEEPFENCED is enabled?


A : SQLDAS after their cursor is closed.

B : Referential integrity maps after a join.

C : Stored procedure processes after they are run.

D : Tables after they have been read into the buffer pool.

7. Which of the following commands will allow a Linux on iSeries administrator to quickly scan backup tapes for files saved via a tar command on a Linux system?


A : The Linux command mt

B : The Linux command cpio

C : The OS/400 command RST option(*print)

D : The OS/400 command DSPTAP option(*savrst)

8. What is a requirement to connect a V6R1 IBM i host to an XIV Storage System?


A : XIV firmware V10.0.8

B : Host Attachment Kit V1.0.1

C : SAN Volume Controller (SVC)V4.2

D : Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) V2.1.1

9. A VM/VSE customer wants to implement a WAS on an existing zSeries server. On which of the following operating environments would WAS best be implemented?



B : z/VM

C : z/OS

D : Linux

10. How To improve system redundancy using its grid architecture, where in the XIV System can a partition be mirrored?


A : on same disk in different modules

B : on disks in other modules

C : on different disks in the same module

D : on same disk, in same module, and in different modules

1. Which of the following tools is used to create subscription sets and add subscription?set members to subscription sets?


A : Journal

B : License Center

C : Replication Center

D : Development Center

2. Suppose a customer is planning to create a non-hosted Linux partition on an i825. Linux will have only direct-attach devices. What is the Linux console option?


A : Use OS/400 VNC support.

B : Telnet to the virtual console.

C : Share the primary partitions console.

D : Allocate a console IOA to the Linux partition.

3. Where is fragment information stored?


A : in the physical logs

B : in the reserved pages

C : in the system catalog tables

D : in the first page of the database tblspace

4. What is a chunk when using raw devices?


A : a dynamic unit of disk space

B : a location in shared memory

C : a contiguous unit of disk space

D : a data table

5. Which of the following tools can be used to identify inefficient SQL statements without executing them?



B : Task Center

C : Visual Explain

D : Development Center

6. Which isolation level does a database without logging default to?


A : committed read

B : dirty read

C : mode ANSI

D : repeatable read

7. If there is a lock on an adjacent key, an insert will fail if the isolation level is set to what?


A : committed read

B : repeatable read

C : share read

D : indexed read

8. Which of the following is required for the DB2 optimizer to consider a hash join strategy?


A : Optimization level 1 or above

B : Equijion predicates

C : Registry variable DB_ANTIJOIN=YES

D : SORTHEAP large enough to contain the tables being joined

1. Which of the following DB2 data types CANNOT be used to contain the date an employee was hired?






3. which of the following represents a set of properties that guarantee that database transactions are processed reliably in computer science ?


A : Buffer Cache


C : Foreign Key

D : None

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