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Human Resource Management - Human Resources Management Section 1 Online Exam Quiz

Important questions about Human Resource Management - Human Resources Management Section 1. Human Resource Management - Human Resources Management Section 1 MCQ questions with answers. Human Resource Management - Human Resources Management Section 1 exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

1. Which is not a method of performance appraisal?


A : Straight ranking method

B : Man-to-man comparison method

C : Check list method

D : None of the above

3. Assertion (A). One cannot be sure about the quality of appraisal on the basis of length of service. Reason (R). initial appraisal and promotion appraisal are done separately and differently since the length of service is different.


A : (R) is correct but (A) is not correct.

B : (A) is correct but (R) is not correct.

C : (A) and (R) both are correct.

D : (A) and (R) both are not correct.

4. Training information system included


A : Training aids

B : Internal and external faculty

C : Training resources

D : Training needs

5. The authoritarian leadership style goes with


A : Theory Y

B : Theory Z

C : Theory A

D : Theory X

46. Providing employees with basic background information about the firms is


A : Education

B : Employee Orientation

C : Colleges and universities

D : Required by law

47. Recruitment and selection involves the following except


A : Building a pool of candidates

B : Completing application form by applicants

C : Reduction of the work force

D : Employment planning and forecasting

48. Which is a system designed to achieve organisational effectiveness by steering each employee's behaviour towards the organisation's mission by using a combination of goal setting, plarming & evaluation activities.


A : Behaviour based Modeling

B : Management Accounting

C : Management by objectives

D : Behaviour Observation method

49. Arrange the following in order: (i) Promotion (ii) Performance appraisal (iii) Recruitment (iv) Training and Development


A : (iii), (iv), (ii),(i)

B : (ii), (iii), (i), (iv)

C : (i), (ii), (iii), (iv)

D : (ii), (iv), (iii), (i)

50. Statements: (i) High morale always leads to high productivity. (ii) High Morale need not necessarily lead to high productivity.


A : (i) is correct, (ii) is incorrect.

B : (i) is incorrect (ii) is correct.

C : Both are correct.

D : Both are incorrect.

51. Training control system includes


A : Annual review of years training plans

B : Monthly review of budget and plans

C : Real time review of specific projects

D : All of the above

53. Selection includes


A : Formulating interviewing techniques

B : Checking of references

C : Framing and developing application blanks

D : All of the above

54. Which is the Principles of Human Relations?


A : Principle of Work Recognition

B : Principle of Participation

C : Principle of Motivation

D : All of the above

55. Which is the Part of Planning and Development?


A : Training

B : Human resource Development

C : Organisational Planning

D : All of the above

56. External sources of recruitment consists


A : Recommendations of Existing employees

B : Private Employment Agencies

C : Through Employment Exchange

D : All of the above

57. The Human Resource System covers


A : Training and development

B : Recruit and Select

C : Job design and evaluation

D : All of the above

58. The last stage in a grievance redressal procedure is handled by


A : Union

B : Voluntary Arbitrator

C : H.R. Department

D : Grievance committee

59. Human relations approach of management is not associated with


A : Abraham Maslow

B : Peter F. Drucker

C : Elton Mayo

D : Herzberg

60. Which among the following is not a voluntary method for the prevention and settlement of disputes?


A : Collective Bargaining

B : Standing Orders

C : Joint Consultation

D : Works Committee

61. Employee morale relates to


A : productivity

B : Attitude

C : Empathy

D : Skills

62. Which of the following relates to performance appraisals


A : Task method

B : Price method


D : Link Method

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