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Larval epidermis is produced by


A : a. clear cytoplasm

B : b. yellow cytoplasm

C : c. gray vegetal cytoplasm

D : d. brown cytoplasm

Signs of aging include


A : a. loss of hair pigment

B : b. dryness and wrinkling of skin

C : c. forgetfulness

D : d. all of the Above

Rate of growth stops and plants die at a temperature of


A : a. 20-30°C

B : b. 10-20°C

C : c. 35-40°C

D : d. 5-10°C

Secondary tissue is added by the


A : a. intercalary meristem

B : b. vascular cambium

C : c. apical meristems

D : d. Both a and b

Stage one in differentiation involves


A : a. recognition of apical meristems

B : b. formation of embryo

C : c. recognition of cambium

D : d. production of leaf primordial

Effect of auxin diffusing from apical bud on lateral shoots is known as


A : a. promoting effect

B : b. compensatory effect

C : c. inhibitory effect

D : d. supporting effect

Anterior end of neural groove, forms future


A : a. liver

B : b. spinal cord

C : c. heart

D : d. brain

Blastula stage is characterized by presence of


A : a. blastoderm

B : b. blastocoele

C : c. neural plate

D : d. coelom

Blastoderm splits during


A : a. neurulation

B : b. gastrulation

C : c. blastulation

D : d. pompulation

Anterior end of primitive streak is occupied by


A : a. mesodermal cells

B : b. notochordal cells

C : c. endodermal cells

D : d. ectodermal cells

If lobster loses its pincer claw


A : a. a new claw regenerates

B : b. it becomes impaired

C : c. it dies

D : d. it vanishes

Degeneration of cartilage gives rise to


A : a. arthritis

B : b. epilepsy

C : c. parkinson's disease

D : d. goiter

Apical meristems are found at tips of


A : a. root

B : b. shoot

C : c. both root and shoot

D : d. cotyledon

Muscle cells are produced by


A : a. clear cytoplasm

B : b. yellow cytoplasm

C : c. gray vegetal cytoplasm

D : d. brown cytoplasm

Production of leaves and flowers is due to


A : a. lateral meristems

B : b. intercalary meristems

C : c. apical meristems

D : d. cortex

An internal factor that influences growth in plants is


A : a. hormones

B : b. water

C : c. nutrition

D : d. all of the above

Synthesis of cytoplasm and cell wall material takes place during


A : a. maturation

B : b. cell division

C : c. elongation

D : d. differentiation

Phenomena that some cells evoke a specific developmental response in other cells is


A : a. embryonic influence

B : b. embryonic induction

C : c. embryonic stimulation

D : d. embryonic dominance

Notochord is one of few prominent structural features in chick embryo of about


A : a. 15 hours

B : b. 18 hours

C : c. 13 hours

D : d. 10 hours

Growth of multicellular plant is divided into


A : a. one phase

B : b. two phases

C : c. three phases

D : d. four phases

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