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Important questions about Global Climate Change. Global Climate Change MCQ questions with answers. Global Climate Change exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

When did 'Typhoon Mireille' hit Japan?


A : a. 1991

B : b. 1989

C : c. 1988

D : d. 1990

Last ice ages ended about:


A : a. 20,000 years ago

B : b. 10,000 years ago

C : c. 30,000 years ago

D : d. 60,000 years ago

Periods of strong winds have been experienced in:


A : a. Canada

B : b. USA

C : c. Eastern Europe

D : d. western Europe

Which was most deadliest hurricane in world?


A : a. Hurricane Gilbert

B : b. The Great Galveston Hurricane

C : c. Hurricane Irma

D : d. Hurricane Harvey

In 1987, over fifteen million trees were blown down in southeast England and


A : a. London

B : b. America

C : c. Mexico

D : d. Canada

Hurricane Gilbert' caused devastating impact on coast of


A : a. Atlanta

B : b. Mexico

C : c. USA

D : d. Canada

Average weather over a period of time is known as:


A : a. Season

B : b. Climate

C : c. Time of year

D : d. Phase

Volcanoes inject large quantities of dust and gases into the


A : a. Upper atmospheric layer

B : b. Lower atmospheric layer

C : c. Biosphere

D : d. Hydrosphere

Rainfall' patterns lead to floods and


A : a. Famine

B : b. droughts

C : c. Natural disasters

D : d. Water pollutions

Worst disasters in world are due to


A : a. Fire

B : b. Chemical Explosion

C : c. Climate

D : d. Weapons

Volcanoes are being responsible for injecting large quantities of dust and gases to


A : a. America

B : b. Mexico

C : c. Canada

D : d. Europe

History has been witness of time, when 'Hurricane Andrew' caused a devastating damage in


A : a. Atlanta

B : b. Florida

C : c. Newyork

D : d. Mexico

Currently, we are living in


A : a. Glacial Period

B : b. Ice Age

C : c. interglacial period

D : d. Prenium Age

Wind storms or hurricanes are responsible for causing


A : a. Disaster

B : b. Fire

C : c. Deaths

D : d. Famine

In 1988, highest flood level occurred in


A : a. Bangladesh

B : b. Pakistan

C : c. India

D : d. Sri lanka

Bangladesh is vulnerable to stormsurges associated with


A : a. Earthquakes

B : b. Typhoon

C : c. Hurrican

D : d. Tropical Cyclone

Per capita, emissions of developing countries are:


A : a. Null

B : b. Medium

C : c. High

D : d. Low

What is purpose of climate change convention?


A : a. Producing carbon dioxide

B : b. Maintaining photosynthesis

C : c. Stabilizing greenhouse gas emission

D : d. Exchanging oxygen and carbon

Long-term objective of Convention of 'UNED' was to stabilize


A : a. Carbon dioxide

B : b. Nitrous Oxide

C : c. Nitrogen

D : d. Oxygen

Human activities are being responsible for


A : a. Greenhouse gas emission

B : b. Pollution

C : c. Producing waste

D : d. Carbon cycle

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