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Important questions about Genomic and Screening Libraries. Genomic and Screening Libraries MCQ questions with answers. Genomic and Screening Libraries exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

At times streptavidin is used in place of cellulose. Choose the correct statement for this alternative.


A : a. oligo-dT streptavidin conjugate can be extracted by magnetic beads

B : b. The magnetic beads are attached with activin

C : c. Recovery is not based on the magnetic properties of the beads

D : d. The interaction between polyA tail and the oligo-dT is reduced

Choose the correct with respect to RNA molecules.


A : a. They are less labile than DNA molecules

B : b. The 2’ hydroxyl group of ribose group decreases the activity

C : c. There is no less of activity while boiling

D : d. Baking of glassware, treatment with UV can be used for protection against degradation

What is the basis of RNaseH method?


A : a. It is based on RNA synthesis by DNA strand

B : b. It is based on complementary DNA synthesis by RNA strand through reverse transcriptase

C : c. It is based on complementary DNA synthesis by RNA strand through RNaseH enzyme

D : d. It is based on getting double strand RNA from a single strand

The first step for RNaseH method is to anneal a chemically synthesized oligo-dT primer to the 3’ polyA tail of RNA.


A : a. True

B : b. False

C : c. May be True or False

D : d. Can't Say

For the synthesis of the second DNA strand, incorporated oligo-dT is of no use. Why?


A : a. It is so because it is unstable

B : b. It is so because it is at the 3’ end of the template molecule

C : c. It is so because it would be unable to initiate replication

D : d. It is so because it detaches itself after first strand synthesis

Choose the incorrect statement for the homopolymer tailing of cDNA strands.


A : a. Choose the incorrect statement for the homopolymer tailing of cDNA strands.

B : b. Vector is also treated with terminal transferase and dGTPs

C : c. The vector and cDNA can now anneal with the help of DNA ligase

D : d. If gaps are created they can be repaired by physiological processes

Choose the correct statement if the RNA is non polydenylated.


A : a. A collection of chemically synthesized oligonucleotides is used as primers

B : b. They are usually tetramer

C : c. Unequal quantities of A, G, T and C are used

D : d. The primers attach at only specific sequences for first strand synthesis

In case if molecules smaller than the fragments required for making a full genomic library are used for making a collection. This collection is called as ___________


A : a. library

B : b. shelf

C : c. small library

D : d. mini library

Choose the correct statement for construction of a library subsection.


A : a. The size of a particular restriction fragment on which the gene is located is not known

B : b. The size of the restriction fragment can be known by carrying out southern blotting

C : c. Another digest of the genomic DNA is carried out by a different enzyme

D : d. DNA fragments of different size are recovered after carrying out gel electrophoresis

Any cDNA library would represent a fraction of RNA species of an organism.


A : a. True

B : b. False

C : c. May be True or False

D : d. Can't Say

What do we mean by housekeeping genes?


A : a. Housekeeping genes are those genes which are specific to an organism

B : b. Housekeeping genes are those genes which are present in all the organisms

C : c. Housekeeping genes are those genes which are meant for repair and maintenance in a species of organism

D : d. Housekeeping genes are those genes which required for the replication process

Choose the correct statement for RNA fractionation.


A : a. The RNA is fractioned by size but before separating on oligo-dT cellulose

B : b. A sucrose density gradient is used

C : c. The RNA is applied to the top of a pre-poured gradient and during centrifugation smaller molecules move down the tube faster

D : d. Different bands are formed according to the density in the sucrose density gradient

What is done after RNA fractionation is carried out?


A : a. Each band is translated in vivo

B : b. Translation is carried out in wheat gram or lysate of rabbit reticulocyte cells

C : c. Translation is carried out with a high background

D : d. Amino acid is not radioactively labelled

The polypeptides produced after addition of mRNA are analysed with antibodies. Choose the incorrect statement for this analysis.


A : a. Antibodies are added to each reaction tube and precipitation is simply based on antigen-antibody reaction

B : b. Along with simple antigen-antibody complex, a substrate is added for easy precipitation

C : c. Protein A-Sepharose is added

D : d. Protein A-Sepharose binds to IgG antibodies

What is done after the recovery of pellets has been carried out in order to know the amount of polypeptides?


A : a. Denaturing and gel electrophoresis in SDS- Polyacryamide gel

B : b. Gel electrophoresis in agarose gel

C : c. Quantitative PCR

D : d. Weighing pellets

Sometimes a gene which we want to clone is present on a particular chromosome. For this purpose, the chromosome should be in which phase?


A : a. Prophase

B : b. Telophase

C : c. Metaphase

D : d. Anaphase

For cloning purposes, the intact chromosomes should be separated by ___________


A : a. agarose gel electrophoresis

B : b. fluorescence- activated sorter

C : c. polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

D : d. chromatography

The process of examining stained chromosomes in a light microscope and removing appropriate regions with a micro-manipulator is called as ___________


A : a. microdissection

B : b. chromosome sorting

C : c. chromosome walking

D : d. chromosome jumping

If the library to be screened and the host belongs to different species, then it is called as ___________


A : a. homologous selection

B : b. heterologous selection

C : c. intraspecies selection

D : d. mixed selection

The direct selection allows _______ number of recombinants to be screened and _______


A : a. less, slowly

B : b. less, quickly

C : c. more, quickly

D : d. more, slowly

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