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Evolutionary changes help in producing new


A : a. individuals

B : b. communities

C : c. species

D : d. plants

When an early embryo or single egg divides into one or more separate embryos, it gives birth to


A : a. nonidentical twins

B : b. identical twins

C : c. triplets

D : d. singles

Plants which have been infused foreign DNA into their cells are


A : a. genetic plants

B : b. unicellular plants

C : c. multicellular plants

D : d. transgenic plants

Virus which is responsible for AIDS is typically known as


A : a. HBV

B : b. HIV

C : c. HCV

D : d. HAV

Way of removing pollutants or toxic waste from environment with help of living organisms is called


A : a. degradation

B : b. bioremediation

C : c. integrated disease management

D : d. disease control

Stomach is organ of food digestion therefore secretes enzyme which helps in digestion known as


A : a. bile

B : b. pancreatic juice

C : c. gastric juice

D : d. no enzyme

Process of production of identical copies of organisms asexually is


A : a. tissue culturing

B : b. vitro-fertilization

C : c. Cloning

D : d. transgenic organisms

Gene frequency, gene flow, population density, age distribution, over population are attributes of


A : a. community

B : b. population

C : c. groups

D : d. individuals

A very useful technique which helps in testing a nutrient's essentiality for plantation is


A : a. nutrition culture technique

B : b. Hydroponic culture technique

C : c. hydrophobic culture technique

D : d. tissue culture technique

Astronauts may utilize useful technique of hydroponic culture in space to


A : a. grow vegetables

B : b. sow seeds

C : c. preserve milk

D : d. grow fruits

A walnut tree can be saved from attack of aphid biologically by a parasite


A : a. wasp

B : b. bee

C : c. leech

D : d. lice

A synthesized knowledge of science may have observations which can be qualitative and


A : a. deductive

B : b. inductive

C : c. quantitative

D : d. exact

A change in evolution give rise to increase in


A : a. biodiversity

B : b. population

C : c. community

D : d. geological periods

A group of similar individuals that actually or potentially interbreed in nature are called


A : a. community

B : b. population

C : c. groups

D : d. species

Any theory is considered a good theory if it leads to further hypothesis and is known as


A : a. productive hypothesis

B : b. generative hypothesis

C : c. nil hypothesis

D : d. multiple hypothesis

Technique which involves exposure of cancerous part of body towards short wave radiations is


A : a. chemotherapy

B : b. radiotherapy

C : c. gene therapy

D : d. placebo therapy

Reasoning which involves specific examples of observations and leads to a general principle is


A : a. inductive reasoning

B : b. deductive reasoning

C : c. formal reasoning

D : d. mature reasoning

A continuous series of species which are arranged in ancestors to descendant sequence and each descendant has been evolved from ancestor is known as


A : a. serial linkages

B : b. phyletic linkages

C : c. continuous linkages

D : d. evolutionary linkages

A group of living organisms which are of same species and are located in one place are collectively termed as


A : a. community

B : b. groups

C : c. individuals

D : d. population

Different organs system assembled together in animals and human beings to form


A : a. an individual

B : b. system

C : c. organelle

D : d. organelles

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