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General Awareness - Wars and Agreement Section 1 Online Exam Quiz

Important questions about General Awareness - Wars and Agreement Section 1. General Awareness - Wars and Agreement Section 1 MCQ questions with answers. General Awareness - Wars and Agreement Section 1 exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

1. Who among the following signed the 1974 agreement on Tin Bigha transfer to Bangladesh?


A : General H.M Ershad and Indira Gandhi

B : General H.M.Ershad and Morarji Desai

C : Sheikh Mujibur-Rehman and Indira Gandhi

D : Sheikh MujibiIr - Rehman and Jawaharlal Nehru

2. Rohingyas are


A : Muslim refugees from eastern Sri lanka settled in Tamil Nadu

B : an anti-communist political group in Afghanistan

C : a political group fighting for autonomy in Pakistan

D : Muslim refugees migrating from Myanmar to Bangladesh

3. The real cause of war like tension between North Korea and U.S.A. is


A : U.S.A.'s urge to rule over North Korea

B : North Korea's refusal to allow full inspection of its nuclear installations

C : Japan U.S.A. threat of economic sanction against North Korea

D : U.S.A.'s deployment of patriot defence missiles in South Africa

4. Which of the following countries ratified the Extradition Treaty with India in 1993 ?


A : U.S.A.

B : Pakistan

C : UK

D : Bangladesh

5. The Gulf War of 1991 was precipitated by Iraqi annexation of


A : South Yemen

B : Bahrain

C : Saudi Arabia

D : Kuwait

6. Operation Rhino was directed against






7. Reagan's strategic Defence Initiative Programme was popularly known as


A : Nuclear Umbrella

B : NATO Seize

C : Killer Shark Programme

D : Star Wars

8. The Peace Accord between Israel and PLO was signed on Sep. 13, 1993 at


A : London

B : Jerusalem

C : Tel Aviv

D : Washington

9. North-South Summit is a dialogue between


A : non-aligned countries

B : rich and poor countries

C : Communist mid non-communist countries

D : Countries of northern and southern contInents

10. The objective of Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) is


A : to check spread of AIDS disease

B : to check spread of the nuclear arms

C : to prevent-circulation of sub-standard consumer goods in the market

D : to prevent publication of sub┬Ěstandl)rd books and research papers

11. Muhajirs of Pakistan are


A : Muslim migrants of India

B : the same as the Ahmadias

C : numerically dominant in Sind

D : frontier tribesmen from NWFP

12. India and Bhutan signed a pact on 4-1-93 to build the 1000 MW Sankosh Hydel Project. This project will be


A : largest in the Asia

B : one of the ten largest in Asia

C : largest in the world

D : largest in the subcontinent

13. The person who initiated the 'Chipko Movement' is


A : S.G. Purohit

B : Baba Amte

C : H.N. Bahuguna

D : Baba Sunderanand

14. Israel-PLO agreement was signed by PLO representative


A : Shimon Peres

B : Rahmud Abbas

C : Abu Mezon

D : Yasser Arafat

15. A large-scale operations undertaken by the Indian army to free Kargil sector from Pakistani intruders. This operation was launched on


A : May 20, 1999

B : May 10, 1999

C : May I5, 1999

D : May 17, 1999

16. Which one of the following was not part of the Panchsheel agreement between India and China?


A : Adoption of socialistic pattern of society

B : Mutual respect of each other's integrity and sovereignty

C : Non-interference with each other's internal affairs

D : Peaceful co-existence

17. Simla pact between India and Pakistan was signed in


A : 1949

B : 1965

C : 1971

D : 1972

18. The Parley between the Prime Ministers Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Indira Gandhi, so much referred to in World Politics, were held at


A : Simla

B : Rawalpindi

C : Manali

D : Islamabad

19. With which of the following countries has India signed a Bilateral Investment promotion and Protection Treaty ?


A : Germany

B : Japan

C : France

D : Italy

20. Operation Night Dominance sought to control the movement of militants in


A : Jammu & Kashmir

B : Andhra Pradesh

C : Bodo area in Assam

D : Punjab

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