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31.1 degree is critical temperature for


A : a. carbon dioxide

B : b. ammonia

C : c. hydrogen

D : d. sulphur

1 atmosphere is equal to


A : a. 760 mm of Hg

B : b. 740 mm of Hg

C : c. 720 mm of Hg

D : d. 780 mm of Hg

Expression for pressure of an ideal gas was deduced by


A : a. Boyle

B : b. Clausius

C : c. Dalton

D : d. Charles

Fragrance of a flower spreads because of


A : a. pressure

B : b. effusion

C : c. diffusion

D : d. volume

When air in Linde's method comes out of jet is


A : a. expanded

B : b. cooled

C : c. heated

D : d. deatomized

Avogadro's law states equal volume of gases that contain same number of


A : a. crystals

B : b. molecules

C : c. states

D : d. pressure units

Sun is usually heated by


A : a. nuclear fusion

B : b. fission

C : c. ions

D : d. atoms

Pressure exerted by mixture of gases is equal to sum of pressure of each gas in case of


A : a. reacting gas

B : b. no reacting gas

C : c. individualized gas

D : d. inert gases

In defining Charle's law quantity which remains constant is


A : a. volume

B : b. pressure

C : c. temperature

D : d. forces

Plasma are used to drive particle accelerators and


A : a. motors

B : b. fans

C : c. lasers

D : d. cars

Mole fraction has unit of


A : a. gram

B : b. moles

C : c. power

D : d. pressure

Definite velocities are owned by molecules of gases which occur


A : a. in chains

B : b. in groups

C : c. independently

D : d. as entity

General gas constant is represented by


A : a. B

B : b. S

C : c. K

D : d. R

Molecules of liquids due to their motion possess


A : a. potential energy

B : b. kinetic energy

C : c. heat energy

D : d. thermal energy

For Boyle's law if we plot graph between inverse of volume and pressure result is


A : a. curve line

B : b. straight line

C : c. circular line

D : d. elliptical

According to standard units value of R is


A : a. 0.0765

B : b. 0.082

C : c. 0.074

D : d. 0.087

Compressed air in Linde's method is cooled by


A : a. vacuum pump

B : b. cool air

C : c. ice

D : d. water

English scientist who discovered plasma was


A : a. William Crookes

B : b. Wilson

C : c. Watson

D : d. Wauker

Value of constant 'a' increases with increase in


A : a. pressure

B : b. volume

C : c. intermolecular forces

D : d. temperature

Melting points of states of matter depends upon strength of


A : a. intermolecular forces

B : b. volume

C : c. molecules

D : d. atoms

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