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Dome-shaped part under chest is called


A : a. lungs

B : b. bronchi

C : c. diaphragm

D : d. alveoli

Respiration which takes place during day time is called


A : a. aerobic

B : b. respiration

C : c. photorespiration

D : d. anaerobic

Tiny thin walled ducts which are present in lungs of birds are called


A : a. alveoli

B : b. bronchi

C : c. parabronchi

D : d. bronchioles

In humans' ciliated epithelium, mucus membrane filter foreign particles to enter in


A : a. oral cavity

B : b. nasal cavity

C : c. buccal cavity

D : d. digestive tract

Respiration at organism level is known as


A : a. breathing

B : b. ventilation

C : c. Both a and b

D : d. inhalation

Glycolate is converted into glycine with in


A : a. ribosome

B : b. mitochondria

C : c. peroxisomes

D : d. axioms

Ribs are elevated when muscles between ribs are


A : a. relaxed

B : b. contracted

C : c. dilated

D : d. expanded

Steep diffusion gradient is maintained by


A : a. diffusion

B : b. respiration

C : c. ventilation

D : d. transpiration

Conducting tissues which help in transportation are


A : a. xylem

B : b. phloem

C : c. Both a and b

D : d. roots and phleom

Capacity of lungs while sleeping for gaseous exchange is


A : a. 4 liters

B : b. half liters

C : c. 2 liters

D : d. 6 liters

RuBP is a molecule which act as a/an


A : a. donator

B : b. acceptor

C : c. transporter

D : d. medium

Exchange of gases in respiration is only done by


A : a. osmosis

B : b. diffusion

C : c. transport

D : d. movement

Subdivision of tracheae into fine thin wall tubules which are called


A : a. Rosaceae

B : b. Poaceae

C : c. Solanaceae

D : d. Acacia

Plants which live under water obtain oxygen from dissolved oxygen in water by


A : a. Concentration gradient

B : b. osmosis

C : c. diffusion

D : d. active transport

An estimated survey reports that 90% lung cancer is caused by


A : a. drinking

B : b. smoking

C : c. breathing

D : d. eating

When there is low tension of oxygen, oxyhaemoglobin rapidly


A : a. fade

B : b. dissociate

C : c. multiply

D : d. balance

Subdivision of bronchus are called


A : a. bronchioles

B : b. bronchi

C : c. alveoli

D : d. trachea

Unlimited growth which expands by invasion and metastasis is


A : a. carcinoma

B : b. tuberculosis

C : c. polio

D : d. TB

Special pores help in gaseous exchange in cork tissue are


A : a. stomata

B : b. pores

C : c. lenticels

D : d. None of the Above

Lungs of frog are fully expanded like


A : a. gases

B : b. balloon

C : c. ball

D : d. Both a and b

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