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Name of antibiotic which is used to lover blood cholesterol made by a fungi is


A : a. azomycin

B : b. clindamycin

C : c. tetracycline

D : d. lovastatin

Some fungi are poisonous such as death angel (amanita) and Jack-o' lantern mushroom, they are termed as


A : a. toadstools

B : b. veriline

C : c. bryophyta

D : d. toxic

When fungal hyphae extends into soil and penetrate outer cells of plant root while forming branches are type of


A : a. mycorrhizae

B : b. exomycorrhizae

C : c. endomycorrhizae

D : d. ploromycorrhizae

Aflatoxings are most carsinogenic toxins which are produced by


A : a. aspergillus

B : b. spergillus

C : c. carcinogillus

D : d. thombogillus

Nuclear fusion in basidium Is done by process of


A : a. budding

B : b. meiosis

C : c. mitosis

D : d. grafting

An average of 15-50% of world's food is destroyed each year due to attack of


A : a. algae

B : b. hydra

C : c. parasites

D : d. fungi

Ustilago species of Fungi are most common example of


A : a. smut fungi

B : b. penicellium

C : c. hyphal fungi

D : d. bacterium

Ecological importance in terms of bioindicators of pollution is attribute of


A : a. lichens

B : b. green algae

C : c. fungi

D : d. nematodes

A very dormant and thick walled structure which is produced by direct fusion of hyphae are called


A : a. basidiospore

B : b. zygospore

C : c. spores

D : d. ascospore

Scientist who study fungi are called


A : a. hyphae specialist

B : b. fungicists

C : c. mycologists

D : d. virologist

A single mycelium is capable of producing a new hyphae in only one day which is up to a


A : a. kilometer

B : b. meter

C : c. micrometer

D : d. decimeter

Special hyphal tips which absorbs nutrients from host in parasitic fungi are called


A : a. rhizoids

B : b. haustoria

C : c. mycelium

D : d. typhal

Rhizopus black bread mold under goes sexual reproduction and produce


A : a. ascospores

B : b. spores

C : c. zygospores

D : d. basidiospores

Fungi can tolerate a range of PH from 2 -


A : a. 9

B : b. 8

C : c. 6

D : d. 7

Storage of food as lipids orglycogen in fungi is done by mycelium


A : a. mycelium

B : b. hyphae

C : c. rhizoids

D : d. mucor

Fusion of cytoplasm is


A : a. plasmogamy

B : b. karyogamy

C : c. progamy

D : d. microgamy

Parasitic fungi which can only grow on their living host are called


A : a. obligate

B : b. autotrophic

C : c. heterotrophic

D : d. hypotrophic

Naked spores which helps penicillum in asexual reproduction are called


A : a. conidia

B : b. cones

C : c. spores

D : d. mycelium

Yeast which had been used for genetic research is


A : a. neurospore

B : b. spore

C : c. paraspore

D : d. regrow

Process of breakdown of mycelium, in which each broken fragment give rise to a new mycelium is


A : a. fragmentation

B : b. budding

C : c. conjugation

D : d. binary fission

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