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Important questions about Fuels and Combustion. Fuels and Combustion MCQ questions with answers. Fuels and Combustion exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

Which of the following is the most reactive (as regards the formation of CO + H? from C + H?O) ?


A : a. Blast furnace coke

B : b. Low temperature coke

C : c. Anthracite coal

D : d. Sub-bituminous coal

Carbon Content by weight in air dried wood may be about __________ percent.


A : a. 10

B : b. 25

C : c. 50

D : d. 80

Which of the following accentuates clinker-ing trouble on furnace grate burning coal ?


A : a. Low reactivity of carbonised residue containing high proportions of iron & sulphur.

B : b. Low forced draught and fuel bed temperature.

C : c. Thick fire bed and preheated primary air.

D : d. All (a), (b) and (c).

Higher efficiency in the combustion of solid fuel can not be achieved by


A : a. proper fuel preparation.

B : b. keeping the flue gas exhaust temperature very high.

C : c. adopting efficient-fuel firing technique & equipment.

D : d. supplying correct quantity of combustion air.

Low temperature carbonisation


A : a. is mainly for producing the smokeless domestic coke.

B : b. is meant for the production of 'metallurgical coke'.

C : c. produces higher quantity of gas than high temperature carbonisation.

D : d. produces less quantity of tar than high temperature carbonisation.

Prime coking coal is always blended with medium or non- coking coal before ear-bonisation


A : a. to check against its excessive swelling during heating, which may exert high pressure and damage coke oven walls.

B : b. because, it alone produces unreactive coke.

C : c. both (a) and (b).

D : d. neither (a) nor (b).

The calorific value of a gas of composition CO? = 20%, H? = 50%, CH? = 30%, is y. If the composition of gas is changed to H? = 50%, CH? = 30%, CO? = 10%, N? = 10%, then the calorifice value will be


A : a. y

B : b. 0.95 y

C : c. 1.05 y

D : d. 1.8 y

If CO? is not fully absorbed by the KOH solution meant for its absorption in the orsat apparatus, it will appear as


A : a. O?

B : b. CO

C : c. N?

D : d. SO?

When steam is passed over coal resulting in the endothermic reaction represent by, C + H?O = CO + H?, it is called the __________ of coal.


A : a. carbonisation

B : b. oxidation

C : c. coalification

D : d. gasification

Coal is heated in absence of air for 7 minutes at a temperature of about __________ °C, during its volatile matter determination for proximate analysis.


A : a. 550

B : b. 750

C : c. 950

D : d. 1150

Ash content in the middling coal (a byproduct of coal washeries) in India ranges between __________ percent.


A : a. 15 to 25

B : b. 35 to 45

C : c. 55 to 75

D : d. 75

Which of the following is a lean fuel gas ?


A : a. Coke oven gas

B : b. LPG

C : c. Blast furnace gas

D : d. Natural gas

Gray-King Assay and Roga Index of coal is a measure of its


A : a. abradability.

B : b. grindability.

C : c. weathering properties.

D : d. caking and swelling properties.

Main use of soft coke is as __________ fuel.


A : a. domestic

B : b. blastfurnace

C : c. foundary

D : d. none of these

Desirable "Micum Index" values of metal-lurical coke are


A : a. M?? > 78% and M?? < 10%.

B : b. M?? > 4% and M?? < 80%.

C : c. M?? > 10% and M?? < 78%.

D : d. M?? > 98% and M?? < 2%.

Gobar gas is produced by the __________ of cown dung.


A : a. fermentation

B : b. oxidation

C : c. hydrogenation

D : d. none of these

Which of the following oil gasification processes is non-catalytic ?


A : a. Semet-Solvay process

B : b. Segas process

C : c. Onia-Gegi process

D : d. Steam reforming of naphtha

Dust content in raw blast furnace gas is about __________ gm/Nm³ , hence it is cleaned to the dust level of about < 10 mg /Nm³ before use.


A : a. 15-30

B : b. 1-2

C : c. 70-100

D : d. 150-200

A sooty flame can be made non-luminous by


A : a. admitting more gas.

B : b. shutting gas supply.

C : c. admitting more air.

D : d. shutting air supply.

Assam coals suffers mainly from the disadvantage of high __________ content.


A : a. ash

B : b. volatile matter

C : c. sulphur (4-6%)

D : d. moisture

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