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Important questions about Faults and Faulting. Faults and Faulting MCQ questions with answers. Faults and Faulting exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

Identify the part labelled as “A” in the figure below.


A : a. Shear zones

B : b. Fracture zone

C : c. Fault zone

D : d. A-zone

Identify the type of slip from the figure below.


A : a. Strike slip

B : b. Dip slip

C : c. Oblique slip

D : d. Throw slip

Identify the type of fault from the figure below.


A : a. Vertical fault

B : b. Reverse fault

C : c. Strike-slip fault

D : d. Hinge fault

What are the fractures along which there has been relative movement of blocks called?


A : a. Folds

B : b. Joints

C : c. Faults

D : d. Intrusions

What is the key word in the definition of fault?


A : a. Fracture

B : b. Movement

C : c. Both fracture and movement

D : d. Dip

For a rock structure to be called fault, fracture has to happen but movement is not necessary.


A : a. True

B : b. False

C : c. May be True or False

D : d. Can't say

Faulting is a _________ process.


A : a. Tectonic

B : b. Non-tectonic

C : c. Both tectonic and non-tectonic

D : d. Precipitation

In which direction does the displacement of blocks happen?


A : a. Horizontal

B : b. Vertical

C : c. Inclined

D : d. Any direction

What is the angle that can be made by fault plane with the horizontal?


A : a. Acute angle only

B : b. Obtuse angle only

C : c. Right angle

D : d. Any angle

What is the planar surface of fracture along which relative displacement of bodies has taken place called?


A : a. Fault plane

B : b. Fold plane

C : c. Stress plane

D : d. Strain plane

What is the angle of fault plane with the horizontal called?


A : a. Hade

B : b. Strike

C : c. Dip

D : d. Inclination

Parameter(s) considered for dip is ___________


A : a. Direction

B : b. Angle

C : c. Direction and angle

D : d. Neither direction nor angle

What is hade?


A : a. Inclination of fault with horizontal

B : b. Inclination of fault with vertical

C : c. Inclination of fault with any strata

D : d. Bearing of the fault with ground

What is the bearing of a line of intersection of fault plane and horizontal called?


A : a. Strike

B : b. Dip

C : c. Hade

D : d. Intersection line

A fault has how many walls?


A : a. 1

B : b. 2

C : c. 3

D : d. 4

It is easy to locate older and major folds.


A : a. True

B : b. False

C : c. May be True or False

D : d. Can't say

What is the block which suffer displacement in faulting called?


A : a. Walls

B : b. Parts

C : c. Sections

D : d. Blocks

The block which lies on the under surface of fault plane or zone is called ___________


A : a. Hanging wall

B : b. Sub-wall

C : c. Foot wall

D : d. Lower wall

Who coined the terms “hanging wall” and “foot wall”?


A : a. Scientists

B : b. Geologists

C : c. Engineers

D : d. Miners

What is a small region with definite thickness and distinct composition having numerous closely placed parallel fractures called?


A : a. Shear zone

B : b. Fault zone

C : c. Fracture zone

D : d. Slikensides

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