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Enzyme activity can be blocked or retarded on minute disturbance in


A : a. density

B : b. optimum ph

C : c. temperature

D : d. concentration

Non-protein part of an enzyme is called


A : a. co-enzyme

B : b. co-factor

C : c. substrate

D : d. activator

A definite charge bearing site of an enzyme on which a chemical substance attaches itself is called


A : a. active site

B : b. available site

C : c. catalytic site

D : d. binding site

An enzyme which is devoid of its either prosthetic group or co-enzyme is designates as


A : a. holoenzyme

B : b. apoenzyme

C : c. substrate

D : d. coenzyme

Inactive form of pepsin which has power of destroying cell's internal structure is known as


A : a. pepsinogen

B : b. pectin

C : c. pancreatic

D : d. amino pectin

Enzymes are quite sensitive to change in concentration, temperature and


A : a. location

B : b. climate

C : c. pH

D : d. pressure

If co-factor is loosely attached to protein part, it is termed as


A : a. substrate

B : b. prosthetic group

C : c. catalyst

D : d. co-enzyme

A chemical substance which have ability to block an active site is called


A : a. blocker

B : b. deactivator

C : c. inhibitor

D : d. enzyme

If vibration become too violent on increasing heat above limit, enzyme activity will be lost and enzyme is said to be


A : a. catalyzed

B : b. broken

C : c. denatured

D : d. failed

Lock and Key model was developed for visualization of substrate and enzyme concentration was proposed by


A : a. Emil Fischer

B : b. F. Sanger

C : c. Erwin Chargaff

D : d. Edward

Enzymes are capable of recognizing and reacting with a special chemical substance called


A : a. activator

B : b. substrate

C : c. co-factor

D : d. co-enzyme

Enzymes which are helpful in cellular respiration is found in


A : a. Golgi complex

B : b. chloroplast

C : c. mitochondria

D : d. RNA

Optimum Ph for Chymotrypsin is


A : a. 8

B : b. 7

C : c. 7--8

D : d. 7--9

Argument about enzyme, that they induces change in its structure when a substrate combines with enzyme was highlighted in


A : a. Lock and Key model

B : b. Induce Fit model

C : c. Conceptual model

D : d. Both a and b

Inhibitors blocking active site by making covalent bonds are specifically known as


A : a. reversible inhibitors

B : b. irreversible inhibitor

C : c. competitive inhibitors

D : d. non-competitive inhibitors

If concentration of an enzyme is increased by two fold, rate of reaction would be


A : a. half

B : b. double

C : c. triple

D : d. ceased

A co-factor and a polypeptide chain co-exist in an activated enzyme called as


A : a. co-factor

B : b. holoenzyme

C : c. apoenzyme

D : d. catalyst

Chemical reactions are accelerated by


A : a. high concentration

B : b. high ph

C : c. high temperature

D : d. high density

For enzyme activity in human body, optimum temperature is


A : a. 37c

B : b. 34c

C : c. 33c

D : d. 32c

Mechanism of enzyme activity is termed as


A : a. hydrolysis

B : b. catalysis

C : c. proteolysis

D : d. hydration

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