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Important questions about Environmental Pollution. Environmental Pollution MCQ questions with answers. Environmental Pollution exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

When did the air pollution on earth happened first time?


A : a. When humans started using tools

B : b. When humans started using firewood

C : c. When humans started using clothes

D : d. When humans started using wheels

Who made the first anti-pollution law?


A : a. Martin Luther King

B : b. Nelson Mandela

C : c. Queen Elizabeth

D : d. King Edward 1

Which was the first major disaster of air pollution?


A : a. New York smog

B : b. London smog

C : c. Paris smog

D : d. Delhi smog

What is the significance of black color moth in Europe during 19th century?


A : a. Indication of evolution

B : b. Indication of soil pollution

C : c. Indication of mutation

D : d. Indication of air pollution

What is the main cause of increase in air pollution in the 20th century?


A : a. Development of the transport system

B : b. Development of infrastructures

C : c. Development of electricity

D : d. Development of water resources

Natural causes also results in air pollution.


A : a. True

B : b. False

C : c. May be True or False

D : d. Can't say

How many primary pollutants are there?


A : a. Three

B : b. Five

C : c. Seven

D : d. Nine

What are secondary pollutants?


A : a. Pollutants due to fire

B : b. Pollutants due to emission

C : c. Pollutants due to a chemical reaction

D : d. Pollutants due to oxidation

Which is the colorless, odorless and toxic gas which produced when organic materials incompletely burn?


A : a. Sulphur oxide

B : b. Carbon monoxide

C : c. Oxygen

D : d. Particulates

Which of the following cause soot in the environment?


A : a. Hydrocarbons

B : b. Nitrogen oxide

C : c. Sulphur oxide

D : d. Particulates

What is aerosol?


A : a. General term for particles in air

B : b. General term for particles in soil

C : c. General term for particles in water

D : d. General term for particles inside humans

What is smog?


A : a. Mixture of smoke and particulates

B : b. Mixture of smoke and oxygen

C : c. Mixture of smoke and fog

D : d. Mixture of soot and fog

Aerosol + solid particles + liquid particles results in____________________


A : a. Dust

B : b. Mist

C : c. Smog

D : d. Smoke

Use of unleaded petrol is one way of reducing pollutant.


A : a. True

B : b. False

C : c. May be True or False

D : d. Can't say

Which is responsible for the greatest exposure to carbon dioxide for living organisms?


A : a. Hurricanes

B : b. Soil erosion

C : c. Vehicles emission

D : d. Cigarette smoking

How excessive water loss takes place in plants?


A : a. Due to soil pollution

B : b. Due to mutation

C : c. Due to air pollution

D : d. Due to improper seed

How does asthma cause to human beings?


A : a. Because of excessive diet

B : b. Because of water pollution

C : c. Because of air pollution

D : d. Because of soil pollution

What is the reason for reduced in the plant growth?


A : a. Excessive exposure to sunlight

B : b. Excessive exposure to wind

C : c. Excessive exposure to water pollution

D : d. Excessive exposure to air pollution

Which dioxide damages the flower process in plants?


A : a. Sulphur dioxide

B : b. Carbon dioxide

C : c. Nitrite dioxide

D : d. Magnesium dioxide

Human’s respiratory system doesn’t many mechanisms that help to protect them from air pollution.


A : a. True

B : b. False

C : c. May be True or False

D : d. Can't say

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