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Important questions about Engineering Maths - Percentage. Engineering Maths - Percentage MCQ questions with answers. Engineering Maths - Percentage exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

1.  A and B enter into a partnership. A puts in the whole capital of Rs. 45000 on the condition that the profits will be equally divided after which B will pay A interest on half the capital at 10% p.a. and receive Rs.60 per month from A for carrying on the concern. What is the yearly profit, if B's income is half of A's income?


A : Rs.8190

B : Rs.9180

C : Rs.6180

D : Rs. 6900

2. At an election, where there are two candidates only, a candidate who gets 43 per cent of the votes is rejected by a majority of 420 votes. Then total number of votes recorded assuming that there was no void vote are


A : 2700

B : 2800

C : 3200

D : None of these

3. The population of rats in a locality increases by 20% in one year.Observing this, the pest control committee decided to use a special kind of pesticide `xyz' which effectively kills 160 rats in 3 months. Just after 2 years, what is the net increase or decrease in the population of rats if, initially the population of rats is 3200 and pesticide is used effectively?


A : Increase of 128 rats

B : Decrease of 128 rats.

C : Neither an increase nor a decrease in the population

D : None of these

4. A man sells sugar to a tradesman at a profit of 20% but the tradesman becoming bankrupt pays only 80 paise in the rupee. How much percentage does the man gain or lose by his sale?


A : 2.5%

B : 3%

C : 4%

D : 5.2%

5. A camera costing 2550 is marked to be sold at a price, which gives a profit of 30%. What will be its selling price in a sale when 20% is taken off the marked price?


A : Rs.600

B : Rs.572

C : Rs.35

D : Rs.605

6. A manufacturer marks his goods in advance at 80 percent more than the cost price, but he allows 15 articles to the dozen and also 10 percent discount for cash. What rate of profit on his outlay does he obtain from a customer who pays cash?


A : 18.2%

B : 25%

C : 29.6%

D : Cannot be determined

7. Three bachelors, A ,B and C rented a house for a year.. But, A left after 4 months, B stayed for 8 months and only C stayed for the entire year. If the annual rent was Rs. 6000, then share of A is


A : Rs.4000

B : Rs.2000

C : Rs.300

D : Rs.2500

8. Ram, Shyam and Ghanshyam invest Rs.2000, Rs.10000 and Rs.5000 to set up a stall. Ram gets 15% of the total profit for running the stall. Ram gets Rs.500 less than Shyam and Ghanshym together, then total profit of that year is:


A : Rs.1000

B : Rs.2000

C : Rs.1500

D : Rs.3000

9. A trader buys a certain amount of goods worth Rs.22520. He decides to make a profit of 5.36% on the sale of goods worth Rs.5000 and increase the profit percent by 3.14% for sales upto 215000 and then increase the profit percent for the sale of remaining lot such that he is able to make a profit of 25% on the sale of the full lot. Then profit that he makes on the third lot of goods is


A : Rs.5620

B : Rs.4512

C : Rs.3212

D : None of these

10. Buy two and get one free. Which of the following is true?


A : The person is selling at a loss

B : The person is selling at a profit.

C : The loss or gain depends on the profit from sale of two articles.

D : The person is selling at the cost price

11. One merchant correctly calculates his percentage profit on the cost price; another wrongly calculates it on the selling price. The difference in actual profits if both claim to make 17 .5 % profit on goods sold at Rs.3760 is


A : Rs.98

B : Rs.56

C : Rs.65

D : Cannot be determined

12. A trader allows a discount of 5 percent to his customers. What price should he mark on a article the cost price of which is Rs. 800 so as to make clear profit of 25 percent on his outlay?


A : Rs.1000

B : Rs.1053

C : Rs.1200

D : Rs.11233

13. A sports goods shop owner has 6 packets of balls each containing the same number of balls. If he sells each ball at Rs. 8 he gains Rs.96. If there were 1 ball less in each packet and he sells each ball at Rs.9 then he gains Rs.90 in the transaction. The cost price of each packet of balls is


A : Rs.36

B : Rs.48

C : Rs.64

D : Rs.52

14. A man travels from A to B to buy goods which he can get 10% cheaper in B than in A. If expenses of the journey are 15 and he makes a clear saving of 10, how much does he pay for the goods?


A : Rs.225

B : Rs.200

C : Rs.150

D : Cannot be determined

15. Three friends started a business of renting out air conditioners by investing Rs.20000, Rs. 24000 and Rs.216000, respectively. C gets 20% of total profit for repair and maintenance of the air conditioner. If in a particular year, C gets Rs. 487.50 less than total earnings of the other two, then total profit for the year is


A : Rs.2812.50

B : Rs.3625.50

C : Rs.4515.00

D : None of these

16. A watermelon weighs 5000 gm. 99% of its weight is water. It is kept in a drying room and after some time it turns out that it is only 98% water by weight. What is its weight now?


A : 2500 gm

B : 4500 gm

C : 4950 gm

D : None of these

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