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Electricity is measured through a device called as


A : a. Ammeters

B : b. Voltmeters

C : c. Barometers

D : d. Anemometers

Any reaction at an anode involves


A : a. gain of electrons

B : b. loss of electrons

C : c. gain or loss depends upon the electrolyte

D : d. formation of gases

Aluminum (Al) is preferred in overhead power cables because


A : a. it is a good conductor

B : b. it acts as an insulator, in case of lightening

C : c. it prevents accidents

D : d. it is lighter in weight

Reactivity series of metals is also called as the


A : a. preferential series

B : b. electrochemical series

C : c. electrolytic series

D : d. selective discharge series

If molten Lead Bromide (PbBr?) is electrolyzed,


A : a. at anode, brown fumes of bromide gas are given off

B : b. at anode, molten lead can be seen

C : c. at cathode, brown fumes can be seen

D : d. at cathode, lead bromide can be seen

Difficulty of discharge is highest in


A : a. calcium ions

B : b. copper ions

C : c. lead ions

D : d. silver ions

Difficulty of discharge is lowest in


A : a. potassium ions

B : b. sodium ions

C : c. copper ions

D : d. silver ions

In electrolysis of concentrated HCl, at cathode


A : a. oxygen gas is given off

B : b. hydrogen gas is given off

C : c. chlorine gas is given off at anode

D : d. hydrogen chloride is given off

In electrolysis of brine, ions moving to anode include


A : a. sodium + hydrogen ions

B : b. hydroxide + Chloride ions

C : c. sodium + hydroxide ions

D : d. chloride ions + hydrogen gas

A suitable constant flow of electricity can be ensured through


A : a. an ammeter

B : b. a rheostat

C : c. a voltmeter

D : d. a galvanometer

Battery is


A : a. 99.5% pure copper

B : b. collection of cells

C : c. pure lead

D : d. pure zinc

Weak electrolytes include


A : a. limewater Ca(OH)?

B : b. ammonia solution NH?

C : c. Carbonic acid H?CO?

D : d. all of these

A non-electrolyte


A : a. does not conduct electricity

B : b. is a covalent substance

C : c. does not form ions

D : d. all of these

Ethanoic acid (CH?COOH) is included in


A : a. strong electrolyte

B : b. non-electrolyte

C : c. weak electrolyte

D : d. good conductors

Examples of non-conductors include


A : a. sulphur

B : b. phosphorus

C : c. wood

D : d. all of these

Cations are


A : a. positively charged ions

B : b. negatively charged ions

C : c. travel towards anode during electrolysis

D : d. travel towards anode during polarization

Duration of bright-bulb is shorter in a magnesium-copper battery because


A : a. the difference of copper ad magnesium in reactivity series is lesser

B : b. the polarization occurs too quickly

C : c. magnesium is highly reactive and dissolves very rapidly in acid

D : d. all of these

Polarization occurs due to


A : a. rapid dissolving of magnesium in dilute acid

B : b. slow dissolving of magnesium in conc. Acid

C : c. copper electrode gets covered with bubbles of hydrogen gas

D : d. copper electrode gets covered with bubbles of ammonia gas

Conventionally, negative terminals is shown as


A : a. a long thin line

B : b. a short fat line

C : c. a long wavy line

D : d. a short wavy line

Electricity is not conducted by


A : a. plastic

B : b. non-metals

C : c. solid ionic substances

D : d. all of these

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