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Important questions about Docks And Harbours. Docks And Harbours MCQ questions with answers. Docks And Harbours exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

2. According to the recommendations of International Navigational Congress in 1912, the ratio of length to width at the entrance for passenger vessels is :


A : 7.25 to 1

B : 7.80 to 1

C : 8.11 to 1

D : 8.44 to 1

3. The fixed mooring does not require


A : mooring post

B : bollard

C : anchors

D : capstan.

4. If F is the fetch, the straight line distance of open water available in kilometres, the height of the wave in metres is


A : 0.15 F

B : 0.20 F

C : 0.28 F

D : 0.34 F

5. At a place the shore line is along North West-South East. The wind is blowing from the north. The littoral drift will be along


A : south east

B : south

C : south west

D : west

6. Cretans :


A : are the harbours established on the island south east of Greek mainland

B : are the natives of crete, an island south of Greek mainland

C : are the plants, grown in the neighbourhood of harbours

D : none of the above.

8. The shore line survey includes :


A : depicting the shore line

B : depicting the prominent details on shore line

C : depicting the high water line

D : depicting the low water line

10. Flow of air from one place to the other is caused due to


A : the sum of elevation

B : pressure head

C : velocity head

D : all of the above.

1. A low wall built out into the sea more or less perpendicular to the coast line, to resist the travel of sand and shingle along a beach, is called


A : break water

B : break wall

C : groins

D : shore wall.

3. The low water datum for a lake is defined as the surface of the lake when it is at elevation


A : 180.5 m above M.S.L.

B : 190.5 m above M.S.L.

C : 170.5 m above M.S.L.

D : 200.0 m above M.S.L.

5. In a wet dock system,


A : minimum required depth of water for the vessels is maintained

B : entrance locks are provided with massive gates

C : the locks of dock gate are operated by means of heavy bascule bridges and connected machinery

D : the cost of construction is quite heavy

6. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following: In a dry dock block made of hard wood,


A : spacing of the blocks is 1.35 m

B : the lowest block is 1.8 m long 40 cm x 40 cm in cross-section

C : the middle block is 1.6 m long 40 cm x 40 cm in crosss-section

D : the top block is 1.2 m long 40 cm x 40 cm in cross-section

7. Buoys which support the cables to which vessels are attached are of


A : cylindrical shape

B : drum

C : pear shaped

D : spherical shape

9. Which one of the following statements is not relevant to hydrographic survey :


A : establishment of a chain of bench marks near the shore line

B : establishment of horizontal control points on the shore

C : determination of the sea bed profile

D : depicting the irregularities in the shore line, islands and projecting rocks

10. Which one of the following lines is used for tying a ship with a dock


A : bow line

B : stern line

C : spring line

D : break line

1. Which one of the following land marks on the coast line must be depicted on hydrographic maps?


A : shore line

B : light houses

C : church spires

D : all the above.

2. If h and h 1 are the heights of a light house and the observer in a ship in metres above M S L then the horizontal distance from the ship to the light house in kilometres is


A : 3.86 ( h + h 1 )

B : 3.86 ( h - h 1 )

C : 3.86 ( h x h 1 )

D : 3.86 ? ( h + h 1 )

3. For location of soundings a range and one angle from the shore involves the following operations. Which one is correct?


A : A range line is established

B : The first and the last soundings and every tenth soundings are fixed by angular observations

C : The intermediate soundings are fixed by the time intervals

D : All the above.

4. According to the recommendations of International Navigational Congress in 1912, the ratio of length to width at the entrance for cargo vessels is


A : 5.5 and 6.0 to 1

B : 6.2 and 6.8 to 1

C : 7.4 and 7.8 to 1

D : 8.2 and 8.5 to 1

5. The width of the entrances of the harbours is restricted to


A : 100 m

B : 125 m

C : 150 m

D : 180 m

6. A lead line or sounding line


A : is stretched thoroughly when wet before it is graduated

B : should be soaked in water for about one hour prior to taking soundings

C : is adjusted at regular interval

D : is generally used for depths exceeding 6 m

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