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1. A settable flip-flop's normal starting state when power is first applied to a circuit is always the ________ state.


A : reset

B : set

C : toggle

D : dual

2. What is the difference between setup time and hold time?


A : Setup time occurs after the active clock edge, hold time occurs before the active clock edge.

B : Setup time occurs before the active clock edge, hold time occurs after the active clock edge.

C : Setup time and hold time both occur at the active clock edge.

D :

3. Which of the following circuit parameters would be most likely to limit the maximum operating frequency of a flip-flop?


A : setup and hold time

B : clock pulse HIGH and LOW time

C : propagation delay time

D : clock transition time

4. Is the propagation delay from the clock to the output for the 7476 the same as the delay from the set or reset to the output?


A : yes

B : no

C :

D :

5. Decoupling capacitors should be tied from V CC on one device to ground on a different device.


A : True

B : False

C :

D :

6. The purpose of a pull-up resistor is to keep a terminal at a ________ level when it would normally be at a ________ level.


A : LOW, float

B : HIGH, float

C : clock, float

D : pulsed, float

7. Why does the data sheet for the 7476 only give a minimum value for the clock pulse width (both HIGH and LOW)?


A : nominal value

B : best-case condition

C : worst-case condition

D :

8. A Schmitt trigger:


A : has two trip points

B : is a zero crossing detector

C : has positive feedback

D : has two trip points and positive feedback

9. A Schmitt trigger has V T + = 2.0 V and V T ? = 1.2 V. What is the hysteresis voltage of the Schmitt trigger?


A : 0.4 volt

B : 0.6 volt

C : 0.8 volt

D : 1.2 volts

10. Why should a LED be pulled LOW from a logic gate rather than pulled HIGH?


A : LOW-level current is smaller.

B : LOW-level current is larger.

C : HIGH-level current is larger.

D : LOW-level current is smaller and HIGH-level current is larger.

1. Define a race condition for a flip-flop.


A : The inputs to a trigger device are changing slightly before the active trigger edge.

B : The inputs to a trigger device are changing slightly after the active trigger edge.

C : The inputs to a trigger device are changing at the same time as the active trigger edge.

D :

2. Which of the following flip-flop timing parameters indicates the time it takes a Q output to respond to a C p input?


A : t s , t h

B : t PHL , t PLH

C : t w (L), t w (H)

D : f max

3. The main concern when using a pull-down resistor is:


A : the low power dissipation of the resistor

B : it will keep a floating terminal LOW

C : the high power dissipation of the resistor

D : it will cause false triggering

4. What is the major advantage of the J-K flip-flop over the S-R flip-flop?


A : The J-K flip-flop is much faster.

B : The J-K flip-flop does not have propagation delay problems.

C : The J-K flip-flop has a toggle state.

D : The J-K flip-flop has two outputs.

5. The ________ circuit overcomes the problem of switching caused by jitter on the inputs.


A : astable multivibrator

B : monostable multivibrator

C : bistable multivibrator

D : Schmitt trigger

6. The output of a standard TTL NAND gate is used to pull an LED indicator LOW. The LED is in series with a 470-? resistor. What is the current in the circuit when the LED is on?


A : 7.02 mA

B : 8.51 mA

C : 10.63 mA

D : 5.32 mA

7. One example for the use of a Schmitt trigger is as a(n):


A : switch debouncer

B : racer

C : astable oscillator

D : transition pulse generator

8. When the inputs to a flip-flop are changing at the same time that the active trigger edge of the input clock is making its transition, this condition is called:


A : racing

B : toggling

C : slave loading

D : pulse timing

9. A series RC circuit can be used to generate a power-up (automatic) reset signal.


A : True

B : False

C :

D :

10. A Schmitt trigger has a positive feedback circuit and experiences a phenomenon called hysteresis .


A : True

B : False

C :

D :

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