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Adolf Hitler cooperates with the capitalist West against


A : a. Hitler

B : b. Joseph Stalin

C : c. Mao Zedong

D : d. Stalin

When did the Soviet Union worried its commitments to Syria and Egypt?


A : a. 1965

B : b. 1970

C : c. 1975

D : d. 1980

When Iraq invaded Kuwait?


A : a. 1940

B : b. 1956

C : c. 1987

D : d. 1990

When did the Soviet Union worried its commitments to China?


A : a. 1940

B : b. 1950

C : c. 1960

D : d. 1970

United States could back the Islamic militants in Afghanistan against the


A : a. South America

B : b. Europe

C : c. Soviet Union

D : d. France

Anticommunist Richard Nixon could cooperates with


A : a. Mao Zedong

B : b. Hitler

C : c. Stalin

D : d. Joshua

Who can sign the nonaggression pact with the fascist?


A : a. Hitler

B : b. Mao Zedong

C : c. Woodrow Wilson

D : d. Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin signed the nonaggression pact with


A : a. Communists

B : b. Marxist

C : c. Fascist

D : d. Realists

Great powers from alliances with smaller states are also called


A : a. Nation states

B : b. Intra states

C : c. Clint states

D : d. Sab states

When did Anticommunist Richard Nixon cooperate with Mao Zedong?


A : a. 1960

B : b. 1967

C : c. 1970

D : d. 1972

United States could back the Islamic militants in


A : a. Africa

B : b. Afghanistan

C : c. Europe

D : d. America

Who emphasizes on fluidity of alliances?


A : a. Liberalists

B : b. Realists

C : c. Marxist

D : d. Idealist

Alliances are based on National interest and can be shifted as


A : a. National Interest Change

B : b. National interest interchange

C : c. international interest change

D : d. International Interest Interchange

The Soviet Union worried its commitments to China, Cuba, Egypt, Syria, which result a tragic war with


A : a. China

B : b. Africa

C : c. Europe

D : d. United States

Angolan civil war happened in


A : a. 1980

B : b. 1990

C : c. 2000

D : d. 2001

For the currency European state system used


A : a. Paper money

B : b. Precious metals

C : c. Gold

D : d. None of above

Most important types of money are


A : a. Coin

B : b. Paper money

C : c. Silver

D : d. Gold

The unit of currency used in an economy is


A : a. Authoritarian

B : b. Totalitarian

C : c. Permissive

D : d. Arbitrary

Main power of national government is to create its own


A : a. Currency

B : b. Production

C : c. Business

D : d. Laws

MNCs stand for


A : a. Multinational Corporation

B : b. Multinational Company

C : c. Mobile Network Code

D : d. Monocyte (Immunology)

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