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Important questions about Dairy Products and Regulations. Dairy Products and Regulations MCQ questions with answers. Dairy Products and Regulations exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

Milk is a good source of all water-soluble vitamins except for _____


A : a. Cyanocobalmin

B : b. Riboflavin

C : c. Ascorbic Acid

D : d. Thiamine

__________ is a milk process that makes milk more easily digested by those with a sensitive digestive system.


A : a. Ionization

B : b. Evaporation

C : c. Pasteurization

D : d. Homogenization

_________ amino acids are commonly found in milk proteins, including the essential amino acids.


A : a. 7

B : b. 12

C : c. 14

D : d. 19

Summer milk has been estimated to contain 1.6 times as much vitamin ____ as winter milk.


A : a. A

B : b. B

C : c. C

D : d. D

The milk becomes the property of the buyer once?


A : a. The transport truck reaches the plant

B : b. It is loaded into the transport truck on the farm

C : c. The transport truck leaves the farm

D : d. It is unloaded into the processor’s bulk tanks

Cows with _____ have a higher incidence of mastitis because a physical injury is more likely.


A : a. Sickled hocks

B : b. Horns

C : c. Lower foot angles

D : d. Pendulous udders

Which of the following is untrue concerning the federal milk marketing orders?


A : a. They are legal instruments

B : b. It is a uniform system of classified pricing

C : c. Producers are not guaranteed a market

D : d. Sanitary restrictions on production are imposed on producers

The _____ or uniform price is determined by the proportion of the total delivery used in products of these classes.


A : a. Classified

B : b. Average

C : c. Parity

D : d. Blend

Under federal orders, dairy farmers receive their milk checks _____


A : a. Once or twice monthly

B : b. Weekly

C : c. Bi-monthly

D : d. Directly from the FSA office

To defray the cost of federal orders, handlers are assessed ____ per hundredweight of milk received.


A : a. 1-3 cents

B : b. 2-5 cents

C : c. 3-4 cents

D : d. 15 cents

Which is a true statement concerning federal milk marketing orders?


A : a. Public hearings are held so that all interested parties may present their views

B : b. They remove the need for cooperatives

C : c. They are designed to weaken the bargaining power of single large dairy farmers

D : d. They assure the corrected weighting, testing and sanitary conditions of milk

The hormone oxytocin is released by the ____ gland. This act stimulates the mammary gland.


A : a. Pituitary

B : b. Sweat

C : c. Endocrine

D : d. Vascular

Rubber parts readily absorb ____ and need to be cleaned in an alkaline detergent.


A : a. Protein

B : b. Carbohydrates

C : c. Milk fat

D : d. Minerals

The main objection to dirt and milk stone on parts is _____


A : a. Vacuum fluctuations

B : b. Poor milkers function

C : c. Poor looks

D : d. Increased bacterial count

Badly dented or damaged milkers unit parts are caused by?


A : a. Strong chemicals

B : b. Improper design

C : c. Careless handling

D : d. Solvents

By regulation, milk from cows treated with antibiotics usually must be withheld for ____ hours.


A : a. 48 – 72

B : b. 30 – 60

C : c. 48 – 108

D : d. 72 – 96

Rules developed by the _____ are designed to protect the health and welfare of consumers.


A : a. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

B : b. Protein and Lactose Organization (PLO)

C : c. Future Farmers of America (FFA)

D : d. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

The standard plate count (SPC) estimates the total numbers of ____ microorganisms.


A : a. Mild

B : b. Yeast

C : c. Anaerobic

D : d. Aerobic

The predominant bacteria of milk that produces lactic acid, which is responsible for the sour taste of milk are the?


A : a. Streptococci

B : b. Psychrophilic

C : c. Coliform

D : d. Streptococcus

The traditional method of pricing milk has used a milk fat differential of one tenth of one percent from a milk fat base of ______ percent.


A : a. 3.0

B : b. 3.2

C : c. 3.5

D : d. 3.7

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